august 2 – 13, 2015: in between themes

in the first 2 weeks of august 2015 the restaurant section of studio de culinaire werkplaats is temporarily closed. as for the upcoming theme vincent van gogh we will be changing the interior and the way we will be presenting our eating experiences. we will also extend our opening hours during the upcoming theme. all the details, […]

june 19 – august 1, 2015: taste and experience the essence of water.

thirsty for something new? in that case we invite you all -from culinary adventurers to boaters– to join us for the eating experience water matters. let’s explore together some interesting water matters in 5 dishes and discover the essence of water. furthermore, you get the opportunity to sip from a coupe of rain shower or taste the tears of cleopatra. especially for this […]

expected in aug-sept 2015: taste van gogh, his contemporaries and influencers

the facts. 2015 = the vincent van gogh year.  july 29th, 2015 it will be exactly 125 years since vincent van gogh (1853-1890) died. throughout the year, vincent van gogh will be honoured with exhibitions and cultural events in various european towns. how to celebrate. vincent = an edible and multi sensorial tribute.  in august and september 2015 studio […]

pretty in pink

pretty in pink. raw falafel in a coat of pink sesame seeds. #food #rawfood #falafel #foodpics #pink A photo posted by de culinaire werkplaats (@deculinairewerkplaats) on Jul 9, 2015 at 10:19am PDT

video: water.matters

water.matters from de culinaire werkplaats on Vimeo. water matters – in search of the essence of water. marjolein wintjes (iphone) + eric meursing (sound).

sneak peek: “less= more” high-end vegan workshop

at special request of our guests we are in the process of developing the workshop ‘less = more’,  a high-end vegan workshop (dutch & english spoken). in this workshop we take dutch landscapes as a starting point and translate 5 typical dutch landscapes (shape, taste, texture, presentation, choice of ingredients). besides contemporary + traditional cooking techniques […]

april-may 2015: taste the dutch golden age in 2015.

ever wanted to taste a painting by rembrandt van rijn? or experience the tulip mania, which was the first speculative bubble ever? or check out the influence of spices, coffee, tea, chocolate and other trophees from the worldwide seatrips and colonies on the dutch cuisine? or nible on the amsterdam canal district? all part of […]

theme based blossoming stones 2015

since the launch event of our blossoming stones during the dutch design week 2013 we have created a variety of seasonal collections, also in commission. at this very moment we are creating a number of limited editions around various themes. each theme based blossoming stones collection will consist of approximately 5 bites. the first inspirational themes will be: water, some […]

still life of potatoes wrapped in clay – stilleven aardappelen in klei

still life with marinated black potatoes (vitelotte noir) wrapped in clay inspired by the works and life of vincent van gogh.

portfolio: dutch treats??

dutch treats??? is the 3rd eat’inspiration of our overall project dutch icons revisited, and is inspired by what happened at charlie hebdo in paris in january this year. all of a sudden freedom of speech and tolerance became talk of the town. the netherlands used to be well known all over the world for these notions. since the dutch golden […]