july – sept, 2016: in search of dutch master talents

triggered by the arrival of the pendant portraits of maerten soolmans and oopjen coppit painted by the famous dutch golden age painter rembrandt van rijn at the rijksmuseum, we decided to take ‘dutch masters’ as inspirational source for this eat’inspiration. we have explored the following 8 different dutch master talents for you in order to find the keys to […]

oct – nov 2016: experience the beauty of imperfection and more …

in many of today’s western design, fashion, food and architecture you can discover the characteristics of japanese aesthetics and the japanese world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection (wabi-saba). also various japanese arts have been influenced by the acceptance and comtemplation of imperfection, constant flux and impermanence of all things. for example […]

dec 2016 – jan 2017 – eat’inspiration “it is a matter of time”

time flies so …….. fast. the eat’inspiration it is a matter of time? addresses all kinds of issues in the context of time. so you can have some bites (under) pressure, nibble on some quality time, experience the beauty of ageing, and other time matters. more information in november 2016.

portfolio: open source software meets vincent van gogh

  github san francisco invited us to design and execute a food art concept. this project is without any doubt one of our most favourite projects of the first half year 2016. the brief. what: create an unconventional f & b concept occasion: the after-party of the github satellite 2016 event venue: van gogh museum amsterdam commissioner: github main sponsor: ibm expected […]

portfolio: diy cocktail bar @ after-party github satellite 2016 event

we are very pleased to share one of our most favourite projects in the first half of 2016. the event. after-party of the github satellite 2016 event venue: van gogh museum amsterdam commissioner: github san francisco main sponsor: ibm expected guests: approx. 350 the brief. create an unconventional f & b concept for the after-party of the […]

marjolein’s house made olive oil powder soap

marjolein has been making a new batch of her famous olive oil powder soap, a real treat for your hands. this summer she experimented with several types of olive oil which resulted in a change to an even better quality of this main ingredient. from the last week of september 2016 you can treat your […]

work in progress: a new fabric project + a tribute to red cabbage

we are working on a next generation of edible fabrics. to add new samples to our collection of edible fabrics/paper. this time a tribute to red cabbage; part of our experiments and commissions in the context of food = fashion.

may 19 – july 4, 2016: experience 020 architecture in 5 or 7 courses

are you interested in architecture or design? in that case our eat’inspiration 020 architecture is a must for you. you can experience and nibble on a selection of architectural highlights of amsterdam in 5 dishes. for the eatinspiration 020 architecture we have selected 5 architectural projects; all situated in amsterdam. you can: experience the building that won the golden […]

portfolio: a selection of black matters

black is one of our signatures. outside our venue we are known as ‘the people of the black food’. as we are in the process of starting a new venture ‘The Storage Room’, an art gallery where you can experience food like art, we thought it is was an interesting idea to pick up -after more […]

update: the storage room + first exhibition.

we are very pleased to share with you the status of our new venture ‘project space: the storage room‘. after facing a lot of red tape and the usual setbacks we finally tackled the most important hurdle. at last our contractor realized the opening between our studio/restaurant and our new art gallery. this created some uneforeseen problems …….. […]