dec 31-jan 1+2, 2016: nibble on some new year’s issues

new year’s eve is besides celebration time also a moment for reflections. many of us will start 2016  with one or more resolutions and see new year as a fresh start.  so our 3-days only 2016 eat’inspiration is all about toasting, new year’s resolutions, and a fresh start. and as many of us experiencing time is slipping through their […]

dec 25, 2015: x-mas eating special experience the new luxuries

time flies …. and before you know it it’s almost xmas again. however, this year we ourselves do not drive home for xmas. this year we will decorate our studio, create a playlist of our favorite (xmas) songs, and ….. we invite you to join us for a one day only xmas special where we make you experience some of […]

nov 12 – dec 21, 2015: experience dutch design in 5 courses

is a piece of dutch design on your bucket list? in that case ……… join us for the eat’inspiration design matters? we make you meet and experience with all your senses 5 remarkable dutch design projects. in all these projects the notion of time is an important part of the design. a sneak peek. you can experience some moments of reflection while nibbling […]

on nov 22 + dec 13, 2015 the 1st lazy sunday afternoon tastings + experiments: chocomania

we offer you the opportunity to become in a very playfull way well-informed about dark & raw chocolate during one “lazy” afternoon. so you can treat your friends and family with x-mas on some new chocolate adventures. the components 2,5 hours of your precious time all your senses the star of the afternoon: dark + raw chocolate a short story […]

5 new Van Goghs discovered in amsterdam (eat’inspiration october 2015) prolonged due to success

due to success prolonged until november 7, 2015 always wanted to nibble on one the masterpieces of Vincent van Gogh? in that case, join us for the eat’inspiration Vincent and discover 5 new Van Gogh’s in amsterdam. this eating experience is a tribute to the much-discussed and eventful life and works of Van Gogh. an artist that consists […]

coming soon: lazy sunday afternoon tastings & experiments

from november 22, 2015, you can join us once a month for lazy sunday afternoon tastings + experiments. we offer you the opportunity to become in a very playfull way ridiculously well-informed about a star ingredient during one “lazy” afternoon. to get in the mood you can listen to the well known song lazy sunday afternoon (1968) by […]

from october 2015 extended opening hours

in october 2015 we open our doors more often, as there is a lot of interest for the eating experience vincent van gogh. in addtion to dinner eat’inspirations on friday and saturday it will be possible to join us on thursday and monday evenings as well. so our new opening hours for october 2015 are: mon – […]

wow, de culinaire werkplaats on the european bucket list of ryanair!!!

on vegetarian day 2015 ryanair published its bucket list for europe, and we are very proud to share with you that de culinaire werkplaats is at this list. we feel honoured and would like to thank ryanair for this recommendation. click on the following link to read the article and find out which other interesting venues […]

let’s meet at instagram

  our green peas sprouts are almost salonfähig. part of our project give peas a chance. #food #foodpics #green #peas #peace #sprouts we love images, we love taking pictures. if you cannot join us in amsterdam, let’s meet at instagram:

portfolio: water the source of life

during the eat’inspiration water matters? (june-july 2015) we addressed various water related issues in order to illustrate the importance and essence of water. water X food are very much connected: the production of foods/ingredients takes a lot of water; the preparation of food consumes a lot of water; we -human beings- need a lot of water, as we exist mainly of […]