september 11, 2014: critical forum massey university new zealand

we are invited to participate in the postgraduate lecture and seminar series Critical Forum in the College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. the Critical Forum seeks to address salient and provocative issues in art and design with an emphasis on roundtable presentation and discussion. on september 11, 2014, during breakfast we will […]

temporary project space wanted for food art matters

for various food art projects and eating experiences we are looking for project spaces. please let us know if you have space available or know interesting space for us. please note: we are not looking for restaurant space. it’s about art and concepts.

july 4 – aug 02, 2014: wake up

each july our eating experiences are inspired by our motto food = fashion and the summer edition of fashion week amsterdam. this year you can expect from us an outlook on fashion, or rather on haute couture, on coffee haute couture! the contemporary way of producing, selecting, roasting, brewing and drinking coffee has the same […]

portfolio: orange … the new black?

what. during 2014 fifa world cup brazil we decided to create an unpredictable eat’inspiration with a focus on the results of our national football team -just like before in june 2010-. the result of every match played by the dutch national team determined the colour(s) of a dish: orange, orange-black, or black. the results. 1st dish […]

fruit d’or – food art for pup mag #2

click on the above photo to view all images of this production. the challenge. we were invited to participate in a food art shoot, food & jewellery, for the 2nd edition of PUPMAG. #2, a cultural conceptual magazine. the new our daily work as food conceptualists we focus on vegetables, fruits and specialty grains. […]

eat’inspiration in progress: orange, the new black????

we (marjolein & eric) have to confess that we are not so fond of watching football, but … we do like to play games. so just like in june 2010 we will be creating an unpredictable eat’inspiration with a focus on the results of the dutch football team (or is it soccer team?). work in progress, […]

june 1-22, 2014: secret.matters? at w139

the challenge. paul roos & alice moritz invited us to create some food art for the group exhibition: what do you want? your whole life in one night? focussing on love, relations and marriage in the 21st century at w139. secret matters? is a partly edible and interactive installation that includes and reveals in various ways some […]

june 21, 2014 de culinaire werkplaats @ local goods weekend market amsterdam

on june 21st you’ll find de culinaire werkplaats and a lot of other amsterdam based independent brands at the local goods weekend market of amsterdam. and we will have with us: the summer collection blossoming stones: savourish and sweetish bites inspired by the japanese tea ceremony and japanese garden architecture. introduction of our 1st collection bonboms: raw […]

june 13, 2014 opening exhibition plant power

from june 13 – july 11, 2014 you can enjoy plant power at the standup gallery in the hague. the exhibition plant power demonstrates the diversity and potential of the plant expressed in art, design and food. this exhibition is about 100% vegetal designs, animal ingredients are completely excluded. plant power is showcasing the work […]

may – june 2014: eat’in architecture

amsterdam is a city of many faces. one way to experience the rich history, present and future of amsterdam is by it’s architecture. in may and june 2014 we are exploring the philosophy and timeframe of various iconic buildings of amsterdam and some new initiatives that change the look & feel of the city. in may you […]