opening hours from april 2017

from april 2017 the restaurant section will be open on thu – fri – sat: from 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. on sun: from 1 p.m. – 10 p.m.  (from aug 27th, 2017). from june 3  – july 30, 2017 the art space The Storage Room will be open  on sun: from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

sept 18 – nov 26, 2017 on the menu: experience “the dutch + water”

‘the dutch’ and water are closely linked. for ‘the dutch’water has even become part of their cultural identity. to give a small impression: water management runs in the genes of ‘the dutch’. draining their country and keeping their feet dry is a process the dutch started centuries ago and continue to do to this day. in […]

june 29 – sept 17, 2017 on the menu: in search of excellence

please note: prolonged until sept 17, 2017. the eat’inspiration dutch masters is part of our project ‘dutch icons’, in which we try to determine the dutch dna.  during dutch masters we are in search of excellence. we take you on a journey along the works and ideas of some dutch golden age painters as well as several more contemporary dutch master […]

COMING SOON!!!: a lazy sunday afternoon tea with a huge dutch twist

  ALWAYS WANTED TO EXPERIENCE A SELECTION OF SAVOURISH AND SWEETISH DUTCH ICONS? from sunday october 15, 2017 this will be possible @ de culinaire werkplaats. on that particular sunday afternoon we will launch our dutch lazy sunday afternoon tea, as part of our dutch icons project. we are in the process of creating for you […]

portfolio: dutch flower power

                the eat’inspiration ‘dutch flower power’ (march 23 – june 25, 2017) part of: our ongoing project ‘dutch icons’ in which we try to capture the dna of the dutch/the netherlands.   showcases and explores: the special and powerful relationship of “the dutch” and flowers over the centuries. by creating 7 different […]

march 23 – juni 11, 2017: explore some dutch flower power in 5 or 7 courses

due to success prolongued until june 11, 2017. “the dutch” have an interesting and powerful relationship with flowers.   this special relationship goes way back to the dutch golden age. during this era the tulip bulb was introduced to the netherlands and at the peak of the dutch golden age this intriguing bulb caused the first speculative […]

march 23 – nov 26, 2017: what’s cooking next?

  ever nibbled on some tulips or sipped from a unique mix of dutch masters?  we are very keen to share our upcoming dutch adventure with the world. the next months all our food, art and design activities aim at exploring and defining the so-called Dutch DNA.  during this journey we will be addressing a selection of dutch icons and classics through […]

jan 19 – march 19, 2017: eat’inspiration spoons full of honesty?

the year 2016 will probably go down in history as “the year of the fakes”. plenty of fake news articles were shared all over the internet. the number of fake internet identities, fake webshops, and fake e-mails were and are still growing. if ….. you are in the need of a dose of honesty we would like to invite you […]

exhibition ‘beyond black’ due to success prolonged

due to success we have prolonged the exhibition “beyond black” in our new art space the storage room: june 3 – july 30, 2017 art space the storage room is a new project by studio de culinaire werkplaats. here you can experience food like art and with all your senses, it is a place for sensorial and […]

feb 26 + march 26, 2017 – chocomania – a lazy sunday afternoon tasting & demos

on february and march 2017  we offer you the opportunity to become in a very playfull way well-informed about dark & raw chocolate during just one “lazy” afternoon. afterwards you can treat your friends and family on some new and adventurous chocolate combinations, when you invite them for dinner or for holidays like easter. the components 2,5 hours of […]