pre announcement: march-april 2016 experience the new black

in march 2016 we will launch with the new black a new and unique way of experiencing food. black was the first theme to present our view on food to the public. ever since we are known outside our venue as ‘the people of the black food‘. …. and that is why we once again choose black to be our […]

feb 12-13-14, 2016: eating special from amsterdam with love

there are many different stories about the roots of valentine’s day. most of these stories are about anonymous, secret and/or forbidden love. valentine’s day evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines“). this year we go back again to the roots of valentine’s day to celebrate […]

jan 07 – feb 06, 2016 + feb 19-27, 2016: experience a selection of dutch icons with a twist

due to success prolonged until february 27th, 2016  with a short break on feb 12-13-14, 2016, for the 3 days only eating special ‘from amsterdam with love’. in 2016 we kick-off with a selection of dutch icons with a twist. this time no wooden shoes,  windmills, no dutch design or hans brinker who stuck his finger in […]

feb 21 + march 20, 2016: chocomania – a lazy sunday afternoon tasting

on february 21 and march 20, 2016, we offer you the opportunity to become in a very playfull way well-informed about dark & raw chocolate during one “lazy” afternoon. so you can treat your friends and family with easter or at another festive moment in life on some new chocolate adventures. the components 2,5 hours of your precious time […]

feb28-march 6+7, 2016: hands-on dutch landscapes workshop for home cooks

many of our guests have indicated that they would like to follow a cooking workshop for home cooks with special attention to vegan dishes & the art of plating up at studio de culinaire werkplaats. therefore we start in february 2016 with theme-based high end vegan cooking workshops for vegan, vegetarian home cooks and vegetable lovers. as inspirational theme for […]

dec 31-jan 1+2, 2016: nibble on some new year’s issues

new year’s eve is besides celebration time also a moment for reflections. many of us will start 2016  with one or more resolutions and see new year as a fresh start.  so our 3-days only 2016 eat’inspiration is all about toasting, new year’s resolutions, and a fresh start. and as many of us experiencing time is slipping through their […]

dec 25, 2015: x-mas eating special experience the new luxuries

time flies …. and before you know it it’s almost xmas again. however, this year we ourselves do not drive home for xmas. this year we will decorate our studio, create a playlist of our favorite (xmas) songs, and ….. we invite you to join us for a one day only xmas special where we make you experience some of […]

press review: amsterdam gourmet speeddating by

In september 2015 we have received a group of international culinary journalists for a drink and some bites. At that very moment we were running the eating experience Vincent van Gogh. Wolfgang Grüner of the online german culinary magazine was one of the participating journalists. On november 3, 2015 he shared his experiences online in […]

work in progress: updating of our black food concepts

  outside our own venue we are known as the people of the black food. this knickname we owe to the first theme we explored, which was black. during the first 6 months we only created ‘black’ dishes. after this period we decided to leave this ‘black’ period behind us and became more colourful. but… we still like to collect black […]

portfolio: diesel s/s collection 2016

in october 2015 diesel launched its spring and summer collection 2016 in their showroom in amsterdam. and we were very pleased that we were invited for the 3nd time to create a brand experience. for this press launch we created 3 different eating experiences, reflecting the 3 different moods of the diesel SS 2016 collection: digital explorer rock pioneer […]