april-may 2015: taste the dutch golden age in 2015.

  ever wanted to taste a painting by rembrandt van rijn? or experience the tulip mania, which was the first speculative bubble ever? or check out the influence of spices, coffee, tea, chocolate and other trophees from the worldwide seatrips and colonies on the dutch cuisine? or nible on the amsterdam canal district? all part […]

feb + march 2015: dutch treats??

on feb 6th is the kick-off of the eat’inspiration dutch treats? we will make you taste and experience various typically dutch matters. normally we give you some clues & hints, but this time …. we like to keep things somewhat open. an eat’inspiration. an eat’inspiration is a theme based journey in 5 courses: 3 times […]

amsterdam wallpaper city guide 2015

studio de culinaire werkplaats is featured in the amsterdam wallpaper city guide 2015. this guide is available both in print and as iOS app.  

soon sunday afternoon tastings & demos

sunday afternoon tastings & demo’s. would you like to know more about chocolate and discover new food pairings and contemporary textures with dark and/or raw chocolate? or are you more interested in the culinary qualities of tea or coffee? or do you like to make and taste exciting cocktails and mocktails in which vegetables & […]

sneak peek: “less= more” high-end vegan workshop

at special request of our guests we are in the process of developing the workshop ‘less = more’,  a high-end vegan workshop (dutch & english spoken). in this workshop we take dutch landscapes as a starting point and translate 5 typical dutch landscapes (shape, taste, texture, presentation, choice of ingredients). besides contemporary + traditional cooking techniques […]

portfolio: food concept for press launch of detox body treatment by filorga

for the press launch of a detox body treatment by filorga we were commissioned to create a food concept for the invited lifestyle press. the brief. the concept had to be a combination of: detox black & white (referring to the brand identity of filorga) the result.  selection of black & white vegetable and fruit bites […]

portfolio: exploring the versatility of freekeh for artisan grains.

commissioned by artisan grains, we had a demonstration to showcase the versatility of the green wheat freekeh for a group of food bloggers. freekeh freekeh is a green wheat. this is a cereal grain being harvested at the time when it is still young and green. freekeh therefore has a higher nutritional value compared to regular […]

edible orange landscape….. think dutch

  we created an orange landscape with about 12 textures of orange carrot for the book cover of the adcn yearbook 2014. this is a detail of our book cover project to showcase the 3-dimensional aspect.

march 6th – 7th, 2015, restaurant section closed.

due to unforeseen and personal circumstances the restaurant section of studio de culinaire werkplaats is closed on friday march 6th and saturday march 7th, 2015. we are looking forward to welcoming you again in the weekend of march 13th and 14th, 2015.

dorian’s dish: food art for pup magazine #03

  the above images are part of the project dorian’s dish for pup magazine #03. the inspirational source of this 3rd issue of pup magazine is the writer and playwright oscar wilde. for this project we were inspired by the philosophical and only novel by oscar wilde: the picture of dorian gray. Dorian Gray is the […]