update: the storage room + first exhibition.

we are very pleased to share with you the status of our new venture ‘project space: the storage room‘. after facing a lot of red tape and the usual setbacks we finally tackled the most important hurdle. yesterday our contractor realized -at last- the opening between our studio/restaurant and our new art gallery. this created some uneforeseen problems […]

may 19 – july 4, 2016: experience 020 architecture in 5 courses

are you interested in architecture or design? in that case our eat’inspiration 020 architecture is a must for you. you can experience and nibble on a selection of architectural highlights of amsterdam in 5 dishes. for the eatinspiration 020 architecture we have selected 5 architectural projects/styles. all situated in amsterdam. in each course we try to capture the interpretation […]

portfolio: a selection of black matters

black is one of our signatures. outside our venue we are known as ‘the people of the black food’. as we are in the process of starting a new venture The Storage Room’, an art gallery where you can experience food like art, we thought it is was an interesting idea to pick up -after more […]

march 4 – may 16, 2016: eat’inspiration the new black

prolongued until may 16, 2016. we are in the middle of a next step by opening in april 2016, a new venture: ‘The Storage Room’, a project space for food art. and besides a 5 course eat’inspiration guests can also book a VIP eating experience.  a new step calls for an one of a kind theme. as being […]

adjusted opening hours in the 1st week of may 2016

due to sad family circumstances we have adjusted opening hours in the first week of may 2016, and de culinaire werkplaats will only be open on saturday may 7th, 2016. we apologize for the inconvenience. marjolein wintjes & eric meursing.

extended opening hours from march 2016

from march and april 2016 we will be open more often. as we start in the space adjacent to our studio cum restaurant a food art gallery. restaurant opening hours (reservations only): dinner mon + thur + fri + sat: 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. dates for eat’inspiration the new black: march 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 14, […]

from march 2016: eating experiences in 3 different ways

from march/april 2016 you can choose and book the following experiences at studio de culinaire werkplaats: a POSH eat’inspiration (available from march 04, 2016) 5 theme based courses (3x savourish, 2x sweetish) with one or more interactive moments preceded by a sneak peek (flat bread with a topping) price tag: € 45,00 per person (incl. vat, and […]

portfolio: eating special blooming II

during the easter weekend 2016 we created the 4 days only eat special blooming II. in our first eat’inspiration blooming we explored the various types of growth. in this second exploration we focussed on the different stages of growth. life, and therefore growth, starts with a seed, a bulb, an egg, an idea and after […]

work in progress: updating of our black food concepts

  outside our own venue we are known as the people of the black food. this knickname we owe to the first theme we explored, which was black. during the first 6 months we only created ‘black’ dishes. after this period we decided to leave this ‘black’ period behind us and became more colourful. but… we still like to collect black […]

low salt press lunch @ world kidney day 2016

here a video impression of the press lunch we hosted for nierstichting nederland (read: dutch kidney foundation). we were very pleased to receive an invitation by nierstichting to create and host a low salt 3 course press lunch.  the nierstichting has invited a selection of bloggers and journalists on world kidney day 2016 to draw attention to the […]