november 28 – 29, 2014

to our regret we have to inform you that due to unexpected circumstances the restaurant section of de culinaire werkplaats is closed on november 28-29, 2014. door onverwachte familie-omstandigheden is ‘t restaurant gedeelte van de culinaire werkplaats helaas op 28 + 29 november 2014 gesloten.

nov 21 – dec 20, 2014: eat’inspiration in search of excellence…..

the eat’inspiration in search of excellence is inspired by our project during museum night amsterdam 2014 at the van gogh museum, and is part of our overall project dutch icons revisited. you can join us and experience five dutch masters in 5 dishes. you can expect to find all kinds of masters on your plate. […]

sept-oct + nov 14-15, 2014: eat’inspiration anything but flat?

prolongued: last possibility november 14 & 15, 2014 for the kick-off of the project dutch icons revisited we randomly have selected 5 dutch landscapes. in the eat’inspiration anything but flat? we make typical dutch landscapes starring. during this project we will be exploring in 5 dishes whether the netherlands is or is not ‘flat’. we start with some […]

nov 1, 2014: project vincent van gogh

always wanted to experience an impression of a painting by Van Gogh in bites? in that case we would love to meet you at the event all your senses @ the Van Gogh Museum during MuseumNight 2014.   we have been invited by the Van Gogh Museum to contribute to the event all your senses. especially for […]

sept 11, 2014 – a virtual meal with new zealand

we were invited by juleianna preston (massey university) to be special guests at an evening (for us morning) of an experimental eating and engaging conversation  on matters of art, design and food, one course at a time through skype. the virtual meal was part of the postgraduate lecture and seminar series Critical Forum)* in the College of […]

sept 2014 – feb 2015 – dutch icons revisited

are you ready to experience so-called dutch icons in a novel way? we hardly can wait to introduce and share our upcoming holland adventure. from september 2014 until february 2015 most of our food, art & design activities will focus on rethinking all kinds of dutch icons. in this ongoing project we let us inspire […]

wake up: the versatility of the exotic coffee bean – a 1st exploration.

all around the world coffee bars are popping up, even in countries where people traditionally drink tea. and… the phenomenon coffee to go did change street life forever. the challenge. coffee seems so popular, that it is quite interesting to find out what you can do more with it besides brewing and drinking coffee. so we […]

september 11, 2014: critical forum massey university new zealand

we are invited to participate in the postgraduate lecture and seminar series Critical Forum in the College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. the Critical Forum seeks to address salient and provocative issues in art and design with an emphasis on roundtable presentation and discussion. on september 11, 2014, during breakfast we will […]

back in stock: marjolein’s homemade olive oil soap

this summer marjolein worked overtime:). she made a lot of her famous olive oil soap, a real treat for your hands. as of august 2014 back in stock: marjolein’s homemade organic & fair trade olive oil soap. available in our shop. € 6,50 (incl. 21% vat) per jar of 100 gr.  

new product: coffee pearls

during the eat’inspiration wake up we were searching for new textures of coffee. one of our latest products are coffee pearls. available on order only. please order 5 workdays in advance. ingredients: coffee (costa rica), agar agar.