we wish you all a blooming 2018

the team of de culinaire werkplaats wishes you all a very, very blooming 2018.  we wish you a year full of great surprises and opportunities.



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what data do we collect online + offline, and what do we do with these data.

ensuring the privacy of people and companies with whom we do business and / or visitors of this website is important to us. that is why we describe below what information/data we collect and how we use this information 

for reservations we ask you to share with us the following information:
name, e-mail address, telephone number to contact you in case of an emergency,  dietary restrictions, date, time, number of people, type of activity. otherwise we cannot send our guests/clients a confirmation and/or offer our guests/clients an optimal dining experience/service.
our retention period: in accordance with legal obligations.

invoices + payments.
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please note that at this very moment from january 2018 we are not sending any newsletters until our new website is operational.

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we use google analytics for our website, and are only interested in the following anonymous data: number of visitors, country, the number of pages that are read on the website. we are interested in this data in connection with the user experience of the website.

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in need of information, change or unsubscribe personal information
if you want to receive more information or have questions about our privacy policy. if you want to change or have your data deleted, this is always possible, unless it is collected and registered due to a legal obligation. all you need to do is to send an e-mail to info@deculinairewerkplaats, and mention what you would like to know and what you would like to have changed.

if you have any further questions, or comments and/or comments, please let us know.

marjolein winjes & eric meursing
de culinaire werkplaats.

amsterdam, january 2018.


sept 26, 2017: marjolein speaker kick off food plat(e)form @ gerrit rietveld academie

for the kick off and the introduction of the food plat(e)form @ the gerrit rietveld academie marjolein was invited to share some food concepts and food art projects of de culinaire werkplaats to illustrate some aspects of the field of food art + design.

as food addresses all the senses eric made for the audience a bouquet of flowers out of strawberry paper. this way marjolein’s lecture did not limit itself to food for thought only.

the food plat(e)form is a student organized project by 1st year txt student parel strik

credits image: parel strik.



water is one of our most favourite inspirational sources, as it is an extremely versatile theme. during the last 9 years we have approached ‘water’ from various perspectives. 

this year we address water again with the eat’inspiration dutch water works. and while we were browsing through our images we stumbled upon a humble tribute to the watermelon we made various years ago. it is part of a project to showcase that a watermelon consists of a lot of healthy nutrients.

in other words … a watermelon is much more than water only



march 23, 2017 – jan 14, 2018: what’s cooking next?

ever nibbled on some tulips or sipped from a unique mix of dutch masters? 

we are very keen to share our upcoming dutch adventure with the world. the next months all our food, art and design activities aim at exploring and defining the so-called Dutch DNA. 

during this journey we will be addressing a selection of dutch icons and classics through eating experiences.

when & what.

from march 23, 2017 until the beginning of january 2018 you are more than welcome to participate in our journey along all kinds of dutch issues during a 4-part series of eatinspirations.

we will be creating different eat’inspirations, food narratives and eating experiences at the intersection of food, art + design which will result in a new abstract look at the netherlands, and showcases the features of the Dutch DNA in particular.

dutch icons is an ongoing research project of de culinaire werkplaats. marjolein and eric offer you through their one of a kind eating experiences a unique, abstract and contemporary view on The Netherlands and on the Dutch DNA in particular.


feb 26 + march 26, 2017 – chocomania – a lazy sunday afternoon tasting & demos

on february and march 2017  we offer you the opportunity to become in a very playfull way well-informed about dark & raw chocolate during just one “lazy” afternoon.

afterwards you can treat your friends and family on some new and adventurous chocolate combinations, when you invite them for dinner or for holidays like easter.

the components

  • 2,5 hours of your precious time
  • all your senses
  • the star of the afternoon: dark + raw chocolate
  • a short story with images by marjolein from flower to chocolate bar… 
  • a tasting of 5 qualities of chocolate
  • eric will demonstrate some contemporary applications and combinations, which you can taste as well
  • a piece of edible art to explore various food pairings, texture combinations and new ways of eating all by yourself and/or together
  • and last but not least a wine that has the potential to create a match-made-in-heaven with this particular ingredient

the practicalities

looking forward to welcoming you soon.

marjolein & eric.


6 foodie delights in amsterdam reviewed by lux-mag.com

francesca peak and her friends visited amsterdam and discovered 6 foodie delights in amsterdam. they also joined de culinaire werkplaats for the eat’inspiration ‘the beauty of imperfection and more…’; a free style interpretation of various japanese thoughts, ideas and philosophies. 


de culinaire werkplaats teams up with popices.

de culinaire werkplaats now offers a pop-up coworking office in collaboration with popices

experience pop-up coworking on mondays – thursday between 9-5 pm.

users can access our space with a 1 day pass, a 7 day pass, or a 30 day pass. perfect for entrepreneurs on a budget, early stage startups, freelancers, remote workers and the new breed of digital nomads.

get access here: popices club 


until feb 05, 2017: interactive food art exhibition “beyond black” @ the storage room amsterdam

interior of the storage room amsterdam

the storage room amsterdam,  a new project by studio de culinaire werkplaats, proudly presents:

  • the exhibition beyond black; black matters for all your senses.
  • from nov 24, 2016 – feb 05, 2017

the storage room is

  • world’s 1st project space dedicated to sensorial food art + design;
  • an initiative by marjolein wintjes (food conceptualists + co-founder of studio de culinaire werkplaats).

interactive exhibition beyond black.

the exhibition beyond black addresses in a playful and twistful way several ‘black matters‘ and goes beyond the concept of black as a colour. for beyond black marjolein made a selection of the black related conceptual food and eating experiences created by her for studio de culinaire werkplaats.

furthermore, she added a few new interpretations as well. so there are sculptures, small installations, collages, videos, etc. and … 5 experiential stations to make you meet black with more than your eyes only. this time you may look and touch.

you can nibble, sniff, sip, touch, chew, slurp, and…….. to give you a small impression:

  • black pearls: to try out and discover some of the new luxuries (experiential installation).
  • blacks in disguise invites you to explore and discover the taste of various blacks (hanging installation).
  • a bouquet of black addresses your nose with a selection of fragrances of black (wall piece).
  • a collection of black stills are a reflection on the end of food (collages). also presented in an experiential way.
  • colourful black showcases the colourfulness of vegetal blacks.
  • the couple’s motto is ‘food equals fashion’, so there is a black fashion icon/statement (installation) as well;
  • and there are some interpretations black and emotions,
  • etc. …

so the exhibition beyond black is about:

  • the beauty of nature and black plant power in particular;
  • the vulnerability of the eco-system;
  • the sensorial, associative, and symbolic powers of black
  • and new (eating) rituals.

why black?

  • black was the 1st theme explored at studio de culinaire werkplaats by marjolein and eric more than 8 years ago
  • ever since they are known as the people of the black food and black became one of their signatures.
  • during the past years they have discovered over 90 vegetal black ingredients,
  • and they explored numerous black issues in food concepts and/or food art installations, even political matters.

the storage room.

all the projects and works of studio de culinaire werkplaats inspire you to re-think the future, and the dinner plate of the future in particular. 

with this latest project “art space: the storage room” a long-cherished dream of marjolein comes true. at the storage room she can share her conceptual approach on food and the act of eating, by presenting food like art and in a more sensorial way.

this art space will address all kinds of themes and issues using the sensorial qualities of food + the act of eating.

exhibition beyond black 

  • period: nov 24, 2016 – feb 05,2017
  • what: black matters for all your senses.

opening hours 

  • thu – fri – sat – sun: 1 pm – 6 pm
  • outside opening hours. 
    • by appointment only.
    • groups:  min. 5 persons.

contact information.

  • via de culinaire werkplaats +31 (06)54 64 65 76

admission fee

  • we kindly ask a donation of approx. € 7,50 per person;
  • why :
    • viewing the exhibition is only part of your visit, you taste, sniff, touch, etc., as well. so you consume part of the exhibition literally;
    • the exhibition is created with temporary materials so the exhibited sculptures, installations, have to be renewed/refreshed several times during the exhibition period.

a happy and tasty new year!

       we wish you all a very happy and tasty 2017 !!!

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