lazy sunday afternoon tastings, experiments and demos, also in 2017

last year we introduced lazy sunday afternoon tastings + experiments + demos.

in 2017 we offer you again the opportunity to become in a very playfull way ridiculously well-informed about a star ingredient during one “lazy” afternoon.

to get in the mood you can listen to the well known song lazy sunday afternoon (1968) by the small faces, while reading this post.

the components

  • 2,5 hours of your precious time
  • all your senses
  • 1 star ingredient
  • a short story from flower to … 
  • a tasting of various types and qualities of the afternoon star ingredient
  • a few life demos showcasing contemporary applications and combinations
  • a piece of edible art to experience and explore various food pairings, texture combinations and new ways of eating all by yourself and/or together
  • and last but not least a (non)alcoholic drink that has the potential to create a match-made-in-heaven with this particular ingredient


  • pricetag: € 37,50
  • reservations required as we have only a few spots available.

lazy sunday afternoon in 2017

  • chocomania
    • feb 26, 2017
    • march 26, 2017



instagram: celebrating autumn 2016

celebrating change of season. we love chestnuts. #food #foodpics #chestnut #chestnuts #nuts #autumn #travel #season #nature

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de culinaire werkplaats opens a new venture: project space the storage room


a dream comes true: opening the storage room

we got the opportunity to expand the activities of studio de culinaire werkplaats with a new food adventure as the space adjacent to our studio became available rather unexpectedly.

so a long-cherished dream of ours comes true. already for a long time we were searching for a place where visitors could experience food like art, and preferably with all their senses.

therefore, we proudly present to you our latest food adventure:

the storage room; world’s 1st project space for sensorial food art + design.

a kick off with hurdles + try-outs.

during the first months our new space was open to the visitors and guests of de culinaire werkplaats. they could try-out several food art installations and food ideas inspired by theme black.

after the usual red tape and other hurdles we are happy to annouce that from november 016 you can visit the storage room for playful, sensorial, and sometimes participatory exhibitions and/or performances at the intersection of food, art and design.

so … at the storage room you do not have to keep your hands in your pockets or on your back all the time. you wil be invited to squeeze, sip, slurp, nibble, and …


due to a lack of space the shop section of studio de culinaire werkplaats was reduced to a minimum. the new space of the storage room offers us some shop space as well. so soon our limited edition eat.collections will be in the shelves back again.

the 1st exhibition beyond black.

we kick-off with the exhibition beyond black, as this was the 1st theme we introduced ourselves to the public in 2008.

practical details.

  • opening hours of the storage room.
    • thu-fri-sat-sun: 1 pm – 6 pm
    • outside opening hours:
      • by appointment for groups: min. 5 persons
  • donation
    • we ask for a financial donation because
      • visitors can not only visit and see the exhibition,
      • they experience part of the exhibition by tasting, sniffing, slurping, etc …  which implies that part of the exhibition is consumed literally.
    • the height of the admission fee depends on the type of the exhibition and/or performance.
    • students will get a discount upon presentation of their student id card. the discount varies per exhibition/performance
  • gallery hire
    • you can rent the project space for small private gatherings like private dinners or cocktail parties, etc. also in combination with studio de culinaire werkplaats (venues are connected).
    • enquire for the possibilities: +31 (0)6 39 76 9955 (marjolein) .



marjolein’s house made olive oil powder soap

olive oil soap by marjolein wintjes

marjolein has been making a new batch of her famous olive oil powder soap, a real treat for your hands.

last summer she experimented with several types of olive oil which resulted in a change to an even better quality of this main ingredient.

from may 19th, 2017, you can treat your hands again as marjolein’s house made powder soap of organic olive oil will be back on our shelves.

price tag: € 8,95 (incl. 21% vat – excl. shipping cost) per jar of 120 gr.


work in progress: a new fabric project + a tribute to red cabbage

edible fabric of red cabbage

we are working on a next generation of edible fabrics. to add new samples to our collection of edible fabrics/paper. this time a tribute to red cabbage; part of our experiments and commissions in the context of food = fashion.


update: the storage room + first exhibition.

creating an opening between studio de culinaire werkplaats and the storage room

we are very pleased to share with you the status of our new venture ‘project spacethe storage room‘.

after facing a lot of red tape and the usual setbacks we finally tackled the most important hurdle. at last our contractor realized the opening between our studio/restaurant and our new art gallery. this created some uneforeseen problems ……..
a lot of re-painting has to be done, and several pieces of art have to be created again.

we are looking forward to welcoming you soon to world’s first art gallery where you can experience food like art and with all your senses.



may 11, 2016: wall street journal on one-of-a-kind experiences in amsterdam


we are very pleased to share with you that de culinaire werkplaats is featured as in the travel section of the wall street journal as one of the ‘one-of-a-kind experiences in amsterdam‘ according to rico gagliano (journalist), who visited our venue twice.

this is what he writes about de culinaire werkplaats.

Devour art.

Eric Meursing and Marjolein Wintjes describe themselves as food concept designers—in other words, they play with their food in the name of art. They once crafted an edible, life-size pink wedding dress out of paper-like sheets of rhubarb-infused agar. Four nights a week, their industrial kitchen-slash-studio, De Culinaire Werkplaats (near the cultural complex of Westergasfabriek), turns into a restaurant where each dish looks like a miniature art installation. This month, the couple opens a “food-art” gallery next door, with a debut exhibit of objets created with all-black ingredients—like a sculpture of wafers made from blackberries, black currant and black-curry.

and click on the following link to read the whole article about the four wacky, one-of-a-kind destinations in the dutch capital, from sleeping in a crane to rocking out in a bunker.


april 5th, 2016: Échappées Belles @ de culinaire werkplaats

échapées belles france 5 at de culinaire werkplaats

here an impression of Échappées Belles’s film crew in action at de culinaire werkplaats.

tuesday evening april 5th, 2016, eric welcomed the filmcrew from the french tv programme Échappées Belles as de culinaire werkplaats will be part of the report they are making/shooting about the amsterdam area.

it was a very enjoyable experience. eric explained the story of de culinaire werkplaats. and of course he prepared a tasting of 3 dishes for raphaël de casabianca, host of this tv programme, and his guest isabelle garachon.

the show will be broadcasted at france 5 on saturday evening may 14, 2016.


from march 2016: eating experiences in 3 different ways

rampant growth by studio de culinaire werkplaats

from march 2016 you can choose and book the following experiences at studio de culinaire werkplaats:

  • a POSH eat’inspiration (available from march 04, 2016)
    • 5 theme based courses (3x savourish, 2x sweetish)
    • with one or more interactive moments
    • preceded by a sneak peek (flat bread with a topping)
    • price tag: € 45,00 per person (incl. vat, and excl. drinks)
    • reservations only, we take reservations max. 30 days in advance
  • a UBER POSH eat’inspiration (available and bookable from june 3, 2016)
    • a theme-based welcome cocktail (alcoholic/non alcoholic)
    • a theme based sneak peek: homemade bread with a topping/dip
    • a personal tour through our food art project space including several unique eating experiences
    • 7 theme based courses – € 97,50 per person (incl. vat and excl. additional drinks)
    • reservations only, we take max. 30 days in advance reservations
    • and some other surprises.
  • THE STORAGE ROOM – project space for experiential food art 
    • this project space is located adjacent to our studio cum restaurant
    • here you can experience food like art, and with all your senses
    • exhibitions, entrance fee and other details will be published on this website.



work in progress: updating of our black food concepts

black carrots in disguise


outside our own venue we are known as the people of the black food. this knickname we owe to the first theme we explored, which was black.

during the first 6 months we only created ‘black’ dishes. after this period we decided to leave this ‘black’ period behind us and became more colourful.


we still like to collect black ingredients, as a kind of hobby.

and depending the theme we still like to use one or more  black ingredients.

at this very moment we are updating our little black book and our black food concepts.
so we are creating new black edibles.

on the image you see a black bite, which is part of our black blossoming stones collection. this bite is black spicy carrot in disguise.

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Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef