exhibition ‘beyond black’ due to success prolonged

due to success we prolong the exhibition “beyond black” in our art space the storage room for the last time until september 16, 2018

art space the storage room is a project by marjolein wintjes of studio de culinaire werkplaats. here you can experience food like art and with all your senses, it is a place for sensorial and experiential food art + design.

“beyond black”; the exhibition is the first exhibition created by de culinaire werkplaats, and this exhibition is addressing in a very playful way various black matters. so you can experience black with all your senses. the exhibition consists of various sculptures, small installations, and … above all there are several interactive stations revealing all kinds of black stories.

opening hours from june 2018 – september 16, 2018

  • saturdays: 2 pm – 6 pm 
  • closed during summer holidays: july 29 – aug 29, 2018
  • outside opening hours open by appointment only
  • during restaurant hours only open for guests that have booked the über posh eat’inspiration.

admission fee

  • we kindly ask a donation of approx. € 7,50 – € 10,00 per person;
  • why :
    • viewing the exhibition is only part of your visit, you taste, sniff, touch, etc., as well. so you consume part of the exhibition literally;
    • the exhibition is created with temporary materials so the exhibited sculptures, installations, have to be renewed/refreshed several times during the exhibition period.

until feb 05, 2017: interactive food art exhibition “beyond black” @ the storage room amsterdam

interior of the storage room amsterdam

the storage room amsterdam,  a new project by studio de culinaire werkplaats, proudly presents:

  • the exhibition beyond black; black matters for all your senses.
  • from nov 24, 2016 – feb 05, 2017

the storage room is

  • world’s 1st project space dedicated to sensorial food art + design;
  • an initiative by marjolein wintjes (food conceptualists + co-founder of studio de culinaire werkplaats).

interactive exhibition beyond black.

the exhibition beyond black addresses in a playful and twistful way several ‘black matters‘ and goes beyond the concept of black as a colour. for beyond black marjolein made a selection of the black related conceptual food and eating experiences created by her for studio de culinaire werkplaats.

furthermore, she added a few new interpretations as well. so there are sculptures, small installations, collages, videos, etc. and … 5 experiential stations to make you meet black with more than your eyes only. this time you may look and touch.

you can nibble, sniff, sip, touch, chew, slurp, and…….. to give you a small impression:

  • black pearls: to try out and discover some of the new luxuries (experiential installation).
  • blacks in disguise invites you to explore and discover the taste of various blacks (hanging installation).
  • a bouquet of black addresses your nose with a selection of fragrances of black (wall piece).
  • a collection of black stills are a reflection on the end of food (collages). also presented in an experiential way.
  • colourful black showcases the colourfulness of vegetal blacks.
  • the couple’s motto is ‘food equals fashion’, so there is a black fashion icon/statement (installation) as well;
  • and there are some interpretations black and emotions,
  • etc. …

so the exhibition beyond black is about:

  • the beauty of nature and black plant power in particular;
  • the vulnerability of the eco-system;
  • the sensorial, associative, and symbolic powers of black
  • and new (eating) rituals.

why black?

  • black was the 1st theme explored at studio de culinaire werkplaats by marjolein and eric more than 8 years ago
  • ever since they are known as the people of the black food and black became one of their signatures.
  • during the past years they have discovered over 90 vegetal black ingredients,
  • and they explored numerous black issues in food concepts and/or food art installations, even political matters.

the storage room.

all the projects and works of studio de culinaire werkplaats inspire you to re-think the future, and the dinner plate of the future in particular. 

with this latest project “art space: the storage room” a long-cherished dream of marjolein comes true. at the storage room she can share her conceptual approach on food and the act of eating, by presenting food like art and in a more sensorial way.

this art space will address all kinds of themes and issues using the sensorial qualities of food + the act of eating.

exhibition beyond black 

  • period: nov 24, 2016 – feb 05,2017
  • what: black matters for all your senses.

opening hours 

  • thu – fri – sat – sun: 1 pm – 6 pm
  • outside opening hours. 
    • by appointment only.
    • groups:  min. 5 persons.

contact information.

  • via de culinaire werkplaats +31 (06)54 64 65 76

admission fee

  • we kindly ask a donation of approx. € 7,50 per person;
  • why :
    • viewing the exhibition is only part of your visit, you taste, sniff, touch, etc., as well. so you consume part of the exhibition literally;
    • the exhibition is created with temporary materials so the exhibited sculptures, installations, have to be renewed/refreshed several times during the exhibition period.

de culinaire werkplaats opens a new venture: project space the storage room


a dream comes true: opening the storage room

we got the opportunity to expand the activities of studio de culinaire werkplaats with a new food adventure as the space adjacent to our studio became available rather unexpectedly.

so a long-cherished dream of ours comes true. already for a long time we were searching for a place where visitors could experience food like art, and preferably with all their senses.

therefore, we proudly present to you our latest food adventure:

the storage room; world’s 1st project space for sensorial food art + design.

a kick off with hurdles + try-outs.

during the first months our new space was open to the visitors and guests of de culinaire werkplaats. they could try-out several food art installations and food ideas inspired by theme black.

after the usual red tape and other hurdles we are happy to annouce that from november 016 you can visit the storage room for playful, sensorial, and sometimes participatory exhibitions and/or performances at the intersection of food, art and design.

so … at the storage room you do not have to keep your hands in your pockets or on your back all the time. you wil be invited to squeeze, sip, slurp, nibble, and …


due to a lack of space the shop section of studio de culinaire werkplaats was reduced to a minimum. the new space of the storage room offers us some shop space as well. so soon our limited edition eat.collections will be in the shelves back again.

the 1st exhibition beyond black.

we kick-off with the exhibition beyond black, as this was the 1st theme we introduced ourselves to the public in 2008.

practical details.

  • opening hours of the storage room.
    • thu-fri-sat-sun: 1 pm – 6 pm
    • outside opening hours:
      • by appointment for groups: min. 5 persons
  • donation
    • we ask for a financial donation because
      • visitors can not only visit and see the exhibition,
      • they experience part of the exhibition by tasting, sniffing, slurping, etc …  which implies that part of the exhibition is consumed literally.
    • the height of the admission fee depends on the type of the exhibition and/or performance.
    • students will get a discount upon presentation of their student id card. the discount varies per exhibition/performance
  • gallery hire
    • you can rent the project space for small private gatherings like private dinners or cocktail parties, etc. also in combination with studio de culinaire werkplaats (venues are connected).
    • enquire for the possibilities: +31 (0)6 39 76 9955 (marjolein) .



Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef