inspirational sources

'n gerechtje uit de bloemen eet.collectiewith the works and projects of studio de culinaire werkplaats marjolein and eric inspire people to re-think in a very playful way the future and the dinner plate of the future in particular.

the dinnerplate of the future.

  • marjolein and eric are creating a perspective on ‘the dinnerplate of the future‘. on which, they believe, will be for the meat & fish component a less dominant space available.
  • this implies that on tomorrow’s dinnerplate there will be more space available for new ingredients, combinations, textures, tastes, and… even new ways of eating.

inspirational themes.

  • they discover new possibilities in a structured way by using regularly changing inspirational concepts (contextual themes) like black, memories or flowers, which are guiding their creative perspective on foods, the act of eating and life.
  • this adventure they like to share with the world in an open and informal setting. so at certain days they open the doors of their studio for guests and is it possible to book for a so-called eat’inspiration.
  • the themes function result in dishes, in food products, edible installations or eating experiences like the edible interpretations of 3 paintings by van gogh commissioned by the van gogh museum for museums at night in 2014.
  • some favourite and regularly returning themes: water, time, landscapes & architecture, fashion, and dutch design.


  • black. black was the first inspirational theme which marjolein and eric presented to the public (september 2008). since then the couple is still collecting natural black vegetal ingredients. until now they collected about 89. in every eat’inspiration you will find some black ingredients. black is also their connection with the fashion, design and art scene.
  • motto: food equals fashion  what you eat and what you wear reveals something about your identity. this motto connects the couple and their work to the fashion industry. therefore studio de culinaire werkplaats is twice a year downtown location during amsterdam fashion week with a conceptual menu inspired by food = fashion and some conceptual installations that reflect their view on sustainable fashion. most of their food = fashion projects question the temporality of fashion and clothing, and alluding to the fragility of the ecosystem.
  • emotion.bread is a contemporary re-interpretation of the concept of celebration breads and is a concept by marjolein wintjes. she only creates breads when commissioned and for very personal emotional moments in someone’s life.

fresh colours

vegetable pastry: fresh colours fresh colours

  • consists of vegetable + fruit patisserie and the seasonal collection of toppings, in 7 different colours.

inspirational theme

  •  interior design & colour


  • the food collection and pastry ‘fresh colours’ came to life because we were invited to decorate a room at the lloyd hotel amsterdam for the event ‘inside design amsterdam’. we choose to approach this commission from the perspective ‘interior design and colours’ and discovered the connection between colours, interiors and well being.
  • colours can be understood in terms of energy. colours in your environment influence the way you feel: fit, focussed happy, down, etc. for example: green is a colour that is often used by interior designers for rooms where people need to be calm and focussed. also personal preferences play a part in this. some people are happy in environments with dark colours and others need light colours to feel comfortable in their surroundings.
  • marjolein & eric have translated this concept of colours to the food collection ‘fresh colours’ with which you can optimalize your personal interior, both body & mind.

the collection

  • the food collection ‘fresh colours’ consists of 7 different colour energies which are captured in jars of glass: character (black), enlightment (white), source (red), larky (yellow), focus (green), radiant (orange) and inquisitive (purple).
  • eric’s first collection of vegetable pastry ‘fresh colours’ is based on the colours are energy perspective. this pastry collection consists of 7 different tastes and natural colours. no sugar is added, so you taste the natural sweetness and savourishness of the used vegetables and fruits.
  • the launch of our food collection & pastry line ‘fresh colours’ took place during inside design amsterdam 2009, Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam, where we decorated room 27 with natural colours and materials, during this event we gave personal colour eating consults.
  • the seasonal food collection and the pastry line ‘fresh colours’ can be ordered at studio de culinaire werkplaats.

edible wedding dress of rhubarb fabric

edible rhubarb wedding dress

the image is showcasing an edible wedding gown made of rhubarb fabric and some flowers of milk.

food = fashion.

  • for many years and for many reasons our motto is food equals fashion.
  • this is the main reason why we create fashion inspired eat’inspirations and edible installations during amsterdam fashion week. sometimes we are inspired by mondial or fashion trends, on other moments we like to create the works of dutch fashion designers to an edible shape.

taste the unwearables.

  • our material consists mainly out of edible ingredients and products.
  • in our work we try to avoid food waste as much as possible, amongst others we also pay attention to food miles, seasons, animal welfare and health.
  • and… one day marjolein opened her wardrobe and realized there was a clear example of fashion waste hanging in front of her, namely her wedding gown. an expensive dress for just 1 one day.
  • this observation resulted in the launch of our first food = fashion project ‘taste the unwearables’ at amsterdam fashion week juni 2009.
  • taste the unwearables is a conceptual line of edible clothing and accessories of which the above pictured wedding dress of rhubarb fabric is part.
  • this work questions the temporality of fashion and clothing, and re-thinking the concept of wedding dresses in particular, while alluding the fragility of the ecosystem.
  • at the same time it is a call for eating more vegetables and fruits through showcasing the beauty of rhubarb, and by introducing a new texture and way of eating.


  • the edible wedding dress can be ordered for events (min. 2-3 weeks in advance).
  • and it can be made in various flavours.

the development of the vegetable & fruit fabrics. 

  • since 2002 we are busy with food experiments, with in search for new ways of eating, and new types of patisserie, namely vegetable pastry, bon bons, and candy without synthetic colouring & flavours, without loads of sugar and butter.
  • so we started in 2002 -at home- to create the first pieces of vegetable and fruit fabrics.
  • in the second half of 2008 we opened the doors of studio de culinaire werkplaats and in juli 2009 during amsterdam fashion week we picked up the fabric making process.
  • for amsterdam fashion week january 2013 we have created a re-make of the edible wedding gown of rhubarb.


my child is leaving home rings

marjolein has introduced in 2009 a new approach on specialty bread. she bakes no daily bread;  she bakes emotions, in other words ‘emotion.bread’ this makes her worlds first designer & baker of emotion.breads. 

she introduced with the concept of emotion bread a contemporary perspective on specialty breads and thus redefines the role of bread for the sweetish and savourish moments of life.

on the image: my child leaves home- bread rings

  • these rings are an example of an emotion bread.
  • the challenge: a mother is suffering from the empty nest syndrome. she has trouble with the fact that her daughter is leaving home, because she goes to university in another city. the mother is afraid for the mornings alone at the breakfast table. her question: can you think of an emotion.bread for me and my daughter, so i can share this emotion with my daughter.
  • the result: my child leaves home-rings. this bread consists of rings, which symbolize the years that the child has lived at home. the rings are connected with a cord that has at every end a name with the name of the mother and daughter written on it. to eat and share the bread rings the cord should be cut. this symbolizes the cutting of the psychological umbilical cord. the flour is yellow corn flour with some corn kernels. the color yellow and the corn kernels refer to new life, as mother and daughter are entering into a new phase of their relationship.
emotion.bread: the concept
  • is bread only created by marjolein when commissioned:
  • for the very personal moments of life. for instance the last farewell of your partner, the birth of your child, the moment children leave home for college, the moments of difficult decisions, will we marry or not, divorce, et cetera. breads for the transition moments of life.
  • conscious experience. with these breads offers you the opportunity to share and experience the sweetish and savourish moments fully with your beloved ones. it is also about the digesting process of emotions.
  • the bread. marjolein listens to your story and starts searching for a suitable shape, taste, and ingredients, which together tell a story about this special emotional moment. she tries to capture the essence of that moment.
  • the collection of emotion.breads consists of
    • grieving- and last farewell breads, such as funeral breads, remembering buttons, and my child leaves home breadrings;
    • for always together breads and buns;
    • new life breads;
    • but also: sad breads and positive thoughts breads.
  • marjolein was nominated for the yarden stimulans award 2009 for her innovative perspective on bread & mourning.



our first inspirational concept & signature: black

black corn by marjolein wintjes of studio de culinaire werkplaats

in 2008 we participated in the food truck festival ‘rollende keukens’. this was the first public food performance of de culinaire werkplaats. for this special occasion we wanted to present ourselves with a special theme. and….. this we found in ‘black’.

‘the hidden talents of black’ was our first inspirational concept, and black has become a kind of a signature theme for de culinaire werkplaats.

black, the meaning. black food can be interpreted in many ways. most people associate black food or ingredients with ‘burned food’. in daily life black has not always a positive connotation: black humor, black magic, black is synonym for death, et cetera.

black, the colour. 100% black only exists in theory. in daily life we see various blacks: blueish black, purple black, brownish black. These different kind of blacks you see also on your plate. Blueish black you find for instance at certain types of corn,  some potatoes are purplish black and a lot of mushrooms are brownish black.

a glimpse of our black.list. black sesame seed, black onion seed, black bell peppers, black millet, black barley, black mustard seed, black basil, black beans, black soya beans, black chickpeas, black seaweed, black mushrooms (e.g. trompettes de la mort), black carrots, black tomatoes, black olives, black peppers, and so on……

black.collection. we have developed a black eat.collection. every dish, bite, or ready-to-eat product contains at least one black ingredient. it are all vegetal ingredients, and black by nature. we do not colour ingredients with non vegetal products like squid ink. black favorites in the category savourish are for instance black sesame pesto, black marinated olives in dark chocolate, black spring rolls, black papadums, black quinoa croquettes.

black, the hidden talents:

  • decoration: for instance garnish black rice with a colourful flower such as orange violets;
  • health: the pigments of black ingredients contain a lot of antioxidants;
  • the huge amount of black ingredients that exist!!!

black as inspirational concept: how long? allthough black tastes for more …….. after 6 months we decided to change to another theme and explore the world of food & eating from other inspirational perspectives. but…….. black is and will remain the leitmotiv despite other exciting themes and inspirational concepts.

black revisited. ever since we have revisited black in many different projects.

  • green, the new black, referring to the sustainability trend both visible in the food & fashion industry;
  • orange, the new black during the worldcup 2010 & 2014;
  • honest & super honest black as successor of the eat’inspirations ‘spoons full of honesty #01’;
  • as tribute to the little black dress in the eat’inspiration ‘wear or where to eat...’ 2010,
  • the transformation of black into red for the food & beverage concept of  ‘drive to another beat’ the launch event of bentley in shanghai 2012;
  • etc., etc.

the sound of black. this is a project in which we illustrated the frame of reference of studio de culinaire werkplaats by using black ingrediënts & sounds.

tribute to vitelotte noir. one of our most favourite potatoes.


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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef