workshops, inspiration sessions, tastings, demos, etc., etc.

detail of van gogh à la japonaise

we offer various workshops, demos, tastings, inspiration sessions, interactive presentations/lectures, etc., etc. for

  • companies 

    • custom-made interactive sessions (click on link for more information)
      • for non food brands/companies 
      • for food services and  food professionals
      • for art academies, styling academies, food educations
  • enthousiastic home cooks



interactive custom-made sessions for companies

many marketeers, trendwatchers, innovation & design departments, change teams, of both food and non food brands teamed up with us for all kinds of interactive sessions.

a selection of possibilities

  • inspiration sessions 
    • for example to develop new products/concepts,
    • to determine a new strategy,
    • or to re-think/re-fresh existing products/concepts.
  • demo sessionsa
    • to illustrate for instance the versatility or new applications of a particular product/brand
  • interactive presentations/lectures
    • so we can address all kinds of themes or questions like food concept design, is food fashion?, water matters, healthy sweets, architecture, the dinner plate of the future, etc. 
    • if you like, we can also create an accompanying tasting so you can experience the lecture/presentation with all your senses.
  • eat’inspiration with co-working moments.
    • a theme-based journey in 5 or 7 courses, eventually with some hands-on moments.
    • breakfast, lunch or dinner
    • a theme of your choice or our theme of the month.
    • outside opening hours only for at least 15 persons, on fridays and saturdays at least 25 persons.
  • masterclasses 
    • (food) concept design
    • conceptual cuisine
  • personal guided tour in our art space the storage room 
    • to experience food like art and with all your senses.
  • etc.

more information


workshop mini 1: chop vegetables like a pro!

save time, avoid waste and learn how to chop vegetables like a professional chef:

  • workshop mini: chop vegetables like a professional
    • number of participants: min. 2 and max. 4 persons.
    • time: 1,5 hour
    • content: types of knives, how to take care of your knives, safety, sharpening knives, position during chopping, how to chop, and of course all kinds of ways to chop…
    • take away: a booklet so you can read it over again at home, and of course your chopped vegetables for a nice cup of soup at home.
  • cost
    • the above-mentioned workshop minis cost € 39,50 per person and are incl. 6% btw.
  • materials
    • we will provide you with the necessary material, apron and ingrediënts.
  • how to book
    • you’ll have to find your workshop partner(s) yourself.
    • thereafter we can set a date and time.
    • please do mention your phonenumber when you contact us by e-mail.

workshop mini 2: dutch flower power

the dutch and flowers have a special relationship. during the workshop mini dutch flower power you will create some edible flower arrangements.

  • number of participants:
    • min. 4 and max. 10 persons.
  • time: 
    • 2 hour
  • content: 
    • how to make edible flower arrangements inspired by dutch still lifes
    • and a flower power cocktail.
    • at the end you will eat + drink together your creations.
  • take home: 
    • recipes.
  • cost
    • the above-mentioned workshop mini cost € 49,50 per person and are incl. 6% btw.
  • materials
    • we will provide you with the necessary material, apron and ingrediënts.

how to book

  • you’ll have to find your workshop partner(s) yourself.
  • thereafter we can set a date and time.
  • please do mention your phonenumber when you contact us by e-mail.

lazy sunday afternoon tasting + demo: chocomania

regularly we offer you the opportunity to become in a very playfull way well-informed about dark & raw chocolate during just one “lazy” afternoon.

afterwards you can treat your friends and family on some new and adventurous chocolate combinations, when you invite them for dinner or for holidays like xmas, ‘sinterklaas’ or easter.

the components

  • 2,5 hours of your precious time
  • all your senses
  • the star of the afternoon: dark + raw chocolate
  • a short story with images by marjolein from flower to chocolate bar… 
  • a tasting of 5 different qualities of dark/raw chocolate
  • eric will demonstrate some contemporary applications and combinations, which you can taste as well
  • and you are offered the opportunity to explore various food pairings, texture combinations and new ways of eating all by yourself and/or together.

the practicalities

  • when.
    • sunday march 18, 2018:
      • 15.00 – 17.30 hours
    • sunday april 15, 2018 re-scheduled for sunday april 22, 2018:
      • 15.00 – 17.30 hours
    • sunday oct 14, 2018
      • 15.00 – 17.30 hours
    • sunday nov 18, 2018
      • 15.00 – 17.30 hours
    • sunday dec 09, 2018
      • 15.00 – 17.30 hours
  • pricetag.
    • € 39,50 per person, payment in advance.
  • registration required. 

looking forward to welcoming you soon.

marjolein & eric.


hands-on workshop dutch landscapes (autumn-winter edition 2017 – 2018)

many of our guests have indicated that they would like to do a cooking workshop with special attention for vegan dishes & the art of plating up at studio de culinaire werkplaats.

therefore we offer in october, november and december 2017  and also in january, february and march 2018 a autumn-winter version of our high end vegan cooking workshop ‘dutch landscapes’ for vegan  vegetarian home cooks and vegetable lovers.


  • we will be welcoming you with a non-alcoholic cocktail and soup.
  • thereafter you will be preparing in groups of 2-3 persons 3 of the 4 dishes which are interpretations of dutch landscapes. 
  • the 4th dish will be demonstrated.
  • we end the evening by dining together.

what can you learn.

  • the use of both contemporary and traditional cooking techniques and preparation methods.
  • furthermore we will pay attention to the importance of textures and flavours, and we will introduce several unusual flavour combinations.
  • and….. as you also eat with your eyes special attention will be paid to the plating up of the courses.

in short, during this workshop you can discover our secrets, as we will be sharing a lot of handy tips and tricks. and… you will be receiving a lot of personal attention, as we only do hands-on cooking workshops for small groups.

the practicalities.

  • what.
    • hands-on cooking workshop high end vegan
    • with special attention for plating up dishes
    • theme: dutch landscapes – the autumn winter version
    • the workshop will be bi-lingual (dutch + english).
  • level.
    • we expect you to have basic knife and cooking skills
  • when.
    • dates 
      • january 17, 2018
      • february 07, 2018 (fully booked)
      • march 14, 2018 (fully booked)
      • october 03, 2018
      • november 07, 2018
      • december 12, 2018
    • time
      • welcome drink, soup + intro from 6.30 pm – workshop + dinner:  7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • cost. 
    • € 75,00 incl. 6% vat per person
    • incl. hands-on workshop, recipes, dinner, welcome drink + soup, during dinner 1 glas of wine/beer/juice, and unlimited water/coffee/tea during the workshop.
    • payment in advance.

individual registration.

  • send us a request for registration by e-mail,
  • in the subjectline vegan cooking workshop + date and please do not forget to mention your address and your phonenumber.
  • hereafter we will send you within 7 days an invoice and after receipt of payment of the full workshop fee your booking is secured.
  • click on the following link for the cancellation, refund and late arrival policy for workshops (pdf).


  • for groups min. 6 – max 10 persons
    • hands-on workshops at our own venue are only available for small groups min. 6 – max. 10 persons.
    • you can book a group workshop at a date of your choice, but never on a friday or saturday.
  • for larger groups (min. 15 and max. 30 persons)
    • for groups (min. 15 + max. 30 persons) we do not offer hands-on workshops. however, you can book an eat’inspiration with a few interactive, and hands-on moments.
    • an eat’inspiration is a theme-based journey in 5 or 7 courses.
    • cost depending groupsize + eat’inspiration (5 or 7 courses), + theme.

Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef