coming soon in our shop: spicy tulip bulbs from amsterdam with love


searching for something typical dutch or souvenir from amsterdam? in that case, our seasonal edition of spicy tulip bulbs could be the thing you are looking for.

our potted tulip bulbs have the size of silverskin onions, are organically grown and marinated in a special spice blend that refers to the VOC past of the Netherlands during the dutch golden age.

in 2017 we worked a large project ‘dutch icons revisited‘. tulips and the dutch are inextricably connected. so for this project we created a dish in which tulip bulbs are the star of the dish, and this dish was all about the story ‘how the tulip became one of the best dutch export products’.

after a tulip bulb tasting we have selected 2 out of 7 varieties of tulip bulbs especially for this dish. 

at special request of our guests we are in the process of capturing the bulbs of the smallest tulip variety in jars.

so …. in the last months we have been peeling and marinating a couple of thousands of tulip bulbs. and …. at this very moment we are awaiting for the jars to arrive. we expect that this first edition of spicy bulbs will become available in our shop at the end of december 2017 or the beginning of january 2018 . 

these tulip bulbs in a jar are a seasonal product.




marjolein’s house made olive oil powder soap

olive oil soap by marjolein wintjes

marjolein has been making a new batch of her famous olive oil powder soap, a real treat for your hands.

last summer she experimented with several types of olive oil which resulted in a change to an even better quality of this main ingredient.

from may 19th, 2017, you can treat your hands again as marjolein’s house made powder soap of organic olive oil will be back on our shelves.

price tag: € 8,95 (incl. 21% vat – excl. shipping cost) per jar of 120 gr.


wat is er te koop om mee te nemen

every eat.inspirations results in new tastes and products for our eat.collections.

food in commission: we create products in commission for individuals & organizations. also private label.

our eat.collections: the following products can be ordered for home or somewhere else to eat, or as a gift. since some products are seasonal or are only available in a limited edition, so not always everything in stock.

black.collection: black sesame pesto, tapenade of black beans, marinated black olives in bitter chocolate, croquettes of black mushroom, black&white bean spread, butter, black mushroom spread, blackberry jam, beluga lentils spread, black venere rice, black quinoa, black salt, black beluga lentils, black papadums, zwarte beans, black berries, blackberry dressing, lime sirup …………..

flower.collection: pesto with red roses, lemon-lavender sirup, orange-roses sirup, apple & roses jam, salty flower.mix, floral tea,

seasonal.collections: red union fique jam, green asparagus spread, red beets spread, strawberry pepper dressing, blood orange sirup, pumpkin spread, carrot spread, mustard fruits, roasted garlic roasted lemon dressing…..

basic.collection: basic vegetable stock, basmati rice, bulgur, couscous, kamut, spelt, millet, barley, azuki beans, mung beans, quinoa natural color, red quinoa……..

herbal & spice mixtures-dips:

zahtar, dukkah, ras-el-hanout, …..

textiles: antique linen, lounge cushions, handmade wallpapers of textile fibres ……..

furniture: dinner annex workingtables, cooking tables, stools, rolling kitchen cabinets, ….


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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef