portfolio: diy cocktail bar @ after-party github satellite 2016 event

diy-cocktail bar stations @ after party github satellite 2016 event

we are very pleased to share one of our most favourite projects in the first half of 2016.

the event.

  • after-party of the github satellite 2016 event
  • venue: van gogh museum amsterdam
  • commissioner: github san francisco
  • main sponsor: ibm
  • expected guests: approx. 350

the brief.

  • create an unconventional f & b concept for the after-party of the github satellite 2016 event
  • the focus of this event was all about open source software

the result. 

  •  the themeopen source software developement meets vincent van gogh.
  • the drinks: 
    • we designed a diy cocktail bar consisting of 2 stations (alcoholic – non alcoholic). here the guests could create unique cocktails theirselves by mixing and matching all kinds of textures and flavours cocktails theirselves.
    • the flavours of the various textures referred to the life of vincent van gogh (dutch, paris, provence).
  • the food: we created 3 interactive food art installations.

for the execution of this concept we teamed up with famous flavours.


work in progress: a new fabric project + a tribute to red cabbage

edible fabric of red cabbage

we are working on a next generation of edible fabrics. to add new samples to our collection of edible fabrics/paper. this time a tribute to red cabbage; part of our experiments and commissions in the context of food = fashion.


portfolio: a selection of black matters


black is one of our signatures. outside our venue we are known as ‘the people of the black food’.

as we are in the process of starting a new venture ‘The Storage Room’, an art gallery where you can experience food like art, we thought it is was an interesting idea to pick up -after more than 7 years- our black theme again.

for the eat’inspiration the new black we created a selection of ‘black matters’. and hereafter you find the most favourite 5 dishes of many others that made it to a plate.

    • black star: our personal tribute to david bowie.
    • the black list: we shared our blacklist with our guests.  in our first exhibition ‘beyond black’ at our new project space we will reveal in a non edible way our blacklist;
    • black tuesday; the wallstreet crash in 1929 inspired us to this creation. a history teacher that dined at our venue durning this eat’inspiration explained that we had the wrong day. it should be ‘black thursday’. however, we learned that this crash was a big process that emcompassed several days. and our black tuesday was about the final ending, and black thursday was all about the beginning of this process.
    • colourful black: with this dish we try to share what we have learned from our first theme ‘black’. black is not 1-dimensional, it is very colourful.
    • black pearls: these are scarce. and we discovered there are many black commodities that are scarce. scarcity & black were the input for our dish.

portfolio: eating special blooming II

kick-start, 1st dish of eating special blooming

during the easter weekend 2016 we created the 4 days only eat special blooming II.

in our first eat’inspiration blooming we explored the various types of growth. in this second exploration we focussed on the different stages of growth.

life, and therefore growth, starts with a seed, a bulb, an egg, an idea and after some time -if the conditions are right- there is a beautiful plant, tree, animal or human in full glory.

blooming or flowering is one of the stages of growth. there are various types of growth, such as exponential, fractal or organic growth. besides a nutricious breeding ground also the environment determines whether something or someone can come to full bloom.

the phenomenon of growth and blooming is not limited to plants only.

also organizations, people, societies, insights, ideas, etc. develop, grow and flourish in all sorts of ways.

eating special blooming II for the easter special blooming, we randomly selected 5 aspects of growth and translated these aspects into 5 different courses (3x savourish and 2x sweetish). the sneak peek was flatbread with artichokes:

  • kick-start
  • growing up
  • economics
  • blossom
  • and rampant growth.

work in progress: updating of our black food concepts

black carrots in disguise


outside our own venue we are known as the people of the black food. this knickname we owe to the first theme we explored, which was black.

during the first 6 months we only created ‘black’ dishes. after this period we decided to leave this ‘black’ period behind us and became more colourful.


we still like to collect black ingredients, as a kind of hobby.

and depending the theme we still like to use one or more  black ingredients.

at this very moment we are updating our little black book and our black food concepts.
so we are creating new black edibles.

on the image you see a black bite, which is part of our black blossoming stones collection. this bite is black spicy carrot in disguise.


low salt press lunch @ world kidney day 2016

here a video impression of the press lunch we hosted for nierstichting nederland (read: dutch kidney foundation).

we were very pleased to receive an invitation by nierstichting to create and host a low salt 3 course press lunch. 

the nierstichting has invited a selection of bloggers and journalists on world kidney day 2016 to draw attention to the fact that most people are eating too much salt, about 1 kg on a yearly base too much. this is very harmful for your kidneys.

furthermore, nierstichting used this press lunch to launch ‘de zoutmeter’ (the salt meter), a handy tool that helps you to determine in a blink how much salt your meal contains.  

the briefing.

  • low salt has a negative association, most people think immediately in terms of ‘tasteless’
  • create a tasting for the invited press to find out which bites contain salt or no salt
  • create a 3 course lunch with adding salt to showcase that low salt can be tasteful
  • make recipes of the lunch dishes for 4 persons

lunch + tasting

  • tasting.
    • 5 preparations of potato (purée, baked, crisps, fried fries and boiled).
    • we choose the vitelotte noir, a black potato with a great deep purple inside and a nutty taste, to be the star of this tasting.
  • lunch.  in stead of salt we used in all the courses
    • some ingredients that have umami (the fifth taste)
    • a lot of fresh herbs and spices
    • and we paid attention to create various textures.
  • the 3 courses:
    • mushroom bouillon with vegetable dots.
    • marmered egg in a nest of potato, spinach and  bean sprouts
    • a small flower arrangement: a puff bread with a “bouquet” of marinated/roasted vegetables and baba ganoush
  • the recipes.
    • we are translating the recipes from dutch into english. as soon as the english version is available we will upload the pdf file here.

portfolio: diesel s/s collection 2016

diesel s/s collection 2016

in october 2015 diesel launched its spring and summer collection 2016 in their showroom in amsterdam. and we were very pleased that we were invited for the 3nd time to create a brand experience.

for this press launch we created 3 different eating experiences, reflecting the 3 different moods of the diesel SS 2016 collection:

  • digital explorer
  • rock pioneer
  • mid summer night dreamer

at special request we used the diesel living items tableware and cutlery in 2 of the 3 food installations.



portfolio: discover 5 new paintings by van gogh in amsterdam

van gogh a la japonnais

after the summerbreak 2015 we started with the eat’inspiration van gogh, his contemporaries and influencers. this eat’inspiration consists of 5 eating experiences through which we made you discover and explore the works and life of van gogh.

the first 3 experiences are savourish and inspired by the 3 periods you can distinguish in the works of vincent van gogh.

  • the 1st interactive experience refers to the period van gogh is creating paintings in the netherlands and we used the painting woman lifting potatoes as our inspirational source. in this dish marinated root vegetables wrapped in clay, baked and topped off with mustard lettuce are the heroes.
  • the 2nd experience is van gogh à la japonnais and  a reflection of the period that van gogh lived in paris, where he started to experiment with colours. one way of doing that was by making freestyle copies of japanese imprints;
  • the 3rd experience a freestyle flower arrangement with a special fragrance representing the period van gogh is living in the provence. it is a tribute to the period he settled down in the yellow house in arle where he wanted to start an artists community. here he painted quite a number of still lives many of which showcasing vases with flowers.

the last 2 experiences are sweetish:

  • the 4th experience is an interpretation of wheatfield with a reaper, and is an attempt to capture van gogh’s signature brushstrokes.
  •  painting by numbers is the last experience -which was the favourite of most of our visitors-. this was an interactive course in which the diners could meet with vincent van gogh in numbers.

and…. for the ones that really explored our space there was also a small installation ‘a sniff of vincent’ where you could meet vincent with your olfactus

in case you are in need of more vincent, check out the van gogh museum amsterdam


portfolio: conference design & innovation

eating experience bubble house

commissioned by shell we created an interactive morning eating experience for a group of international ceo’s who were participating in a conference about design & innovation.

the experience started with a presentation about the design & innovation strategies of shell, and various strategies in general.

thereafter marjolein introduced studio de culinaire werkplaats and the way here materials, techniques, etc. are explored in the quest of finding new tastes, new textures, new food pairings and new ways of eating.

for this morning session the inspirational source was dutch design. we selected the following 5 dutch design projects as inspirational source for the various eating experiences:

  • viktor & rolf: project zen garden
  • atelier nl: projects drawn from clay and fundamentals
  • jongeriuslab: coloured vases #3
  • dus architects: projects bubble building + 3d printed canal house
  • raaaf: vacant.nl

the session was closed with lessons learned.


portfolio: wishing well

an impression of a small food installation we created for the eat’inspiration water matters?

it’s a wishing well; a concept from european folklore describing wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted. the idea that a wish could be granted stems from the idea that water had been placed there as a gift from the gods or housed deities, since water was a source of life and very valuable.

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