june 7- july 29, 2018: experience the life and works of vincent van gogh in 5 or 7 dishes.

the eat’inspiration rising sun is a tribute to the much-discussed and eventful life and works of Vincent van Gogh, a true avant-garde artist in search of the art of the future. an artist that consists of a very special mix of enthusiasm, unruliness, talents, honest concern for the working man and with a fascination for nature and japanese […]

march 22-june 2nd, 2018: in the mood for some flower power in 5 or 7 courses

prolonged until june 2nd, 2018. in the mood for some flower power? “the dutch” and flowers, tulips in particular, are often mentioned in the same breath. this special connection goes way back to the dutch golden age. during this era many new, exotic flowers and plants were introduced in the netherlands. at the peak of the golden age tulip […]

may 7, 2018: top 100 vegetable restaurants by we’re smart world

on may 7th, 2018 we headed to bazel, belgium, for the 2018 edition of the we’re smart world event. think vegetables! think fruits! here eric showcased with a cooking demonstration the motto think vegetables! think fruits! by preparing ‘fake tomatoes‘ as tomatoes are both vegetable and fruits: botanically a fruit and legally/culinary a vegetable. eric’s tomatoes with a twist consisted of a […]

may 2018 issue: the new dutch masters by kevin eg perry for lonely planet uk

in the may 2018 issue of lonely planet uk you will find a story about the new dutch masters featuring 10 modern creatives who are changing the way we eat, live … and cycle.  we are very proud to be one of those 10 new dutch masters.  the words are by keving eg perry and […]

jan 18 – march 18, 2018: fake or real? in 5 or 7 dishes

ever nibbled on a masterful forgery? spooned out a bubble? had a “natural” beauty on your plate? grab your chance and join us for this one of a kind eatinspiration ‘fake or real?’ and explore with us the flimsy line between fake and real. currently two seemingly opposite trends are operating side by side: real:  on the one hand […]

exhibition ‘beyond black’ due to success prolonged

due to success we prolong the exhibition “beyond black” in our art space the storage room for the last time until september 16, 2018 art space the storage room is a project by marjolein wintjes of studio de culinaire werkplaats. here you can experience food like art and with all your senses, it is a place for sensorial and […]

what’s cooking in 2018: a glimpse of our 2018 eatinspirations

for 2018 we have selected some inspirational themes that are very special for us. why… that’s what we will share somewhat later on this year. just an indication of our themes for 2018 jan 18 – march 18, 2018 eat’inspiration fake or real?  in this eat’inspiration we explore the thin line between pure, real and fake. […]

feb 2018: hosting SEE Network new year’s event

on feb 1st, 2018, we welcomed members of the SEE network region amsterdam for their new year’s drink at de culinaire werkplaats. for this occasion we created welcome cocktails with some “cold” fireworks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and of course a selection of our vegetable bites, a look at the plate of the future. as extra seasoning for that evening […]

january 30, 2018: table talk at pebblemag.com

in december 2017 we welcomed georgina wilson-powell, founder of pebblemag.com, for the eat’inspiration typical dutch?. with the ‘typical dutch?’ theme we addressed in a playful way some typical dutch habits and ideas. you can read about her experience here; de culinaire werkplaats: vegan restaurant, fine dining amsterdam on the image: a freestyle interpretation of the dish that […]

coming soon in our shop: spicy tulip bulbs from amsterdam with love

FROM AMSTERDAM WITH LOVE: VOC SPICED and MARINATED TULIP BULBS (seasonal edition) searching for something typical dutch or souvenir from amsterdam? in that case, our seasonal edition of spicy tulip bulbs could be the thing you are looking for. our potted tulip bulbs have the size of silverskin onions, are organically grown and marinated in a special spice blend […]


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