Het Gevoel: energie – januari 2009

Wat verbindt Zwitserleven & de culinaire werkplaats? Energie en bewust leven. meer…


gastvrij voor vegetariërs

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een van de beste nieuwe restaurants amsterdam 2008

Op 14 januari 2009 openden we onze deur weer en onze eerste gasten vertelden dat de culinaire werkplaats in de lijst van beste nieuwe restaurants amsterdam 2008 van NL 20 staat. Nou, dat was ‘n onverwachte en mooie verrassing. Met andere woorden ‘n fijne start van het nieuwe jaar.  Bekijk zelf het lijstje.


EETGOED – winter editie van Visieinform



een overzicht van bijzondere momenten in 2008



20.03.2009: café lentebries



verse kleuren

slideshow and description of our project ‘fresh colours’ during inside design amsterdam 2010 at the lloyd hotel in amsterdam. inspirational theme: interior design & colour.



taste the unwearables

taste the unwearables: slide show and description.



zij bakt emoties

images and project description of ‘she bakes emotions’.




project description.
the project ‘she bakes in silence’ formed a powerful moment of silence during the culinary and cultural festival ‘smaakexplosies’ (taste explosions). the various emotion.breads which where exhibit offered an opportunity to the visitors to become acquainted with the redefined role of specialty bread for the sweetish and savourish moments of life. many were surprised, and some even touched, by the concept of emotion.breads.

a slideshow of the exhibition ‘she bakes in silence’.

marjolein is the first designer of emotion.breads in the netherlands. she creates these breads only on commission.

with emotion.breads she offers you the opportunity to share a sweetish or savourish moment in your life is a very personal way. the sharing and eating of an emotionbread connects the moment and the people that are present together.

but eating an emotion.bread also reflects that the emotional state is temporarily. you can cherish the beautiful and sad moments, but by eating the emotion.bread you experience the moment in such way that you can let it go and open up for new moments and experiences in your life.

more information about the concept of emotion.bread and images of emotion.bread you can find by the project ‘she bakes emotions’.  zij bakt.emoties’.


note: 2 images of this slideshow are made by anneke de blok, www.foodphotography.nl, the image of the always together swans and the image of the children observing the sad buns.


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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing