06-07.03.2010: italia al dente

fancy some italian foods or goods?

in that case you should visit on march 6-7 ITALIA AL DENTE, Loods 6, amsterdam. you can enjoy all kinds of italian delicatessen, wines, art, workshops, etc.

during this weekend you’ll find de culinaire werkplaats in Loods 6:

  • in the entrance of Loods 6 we present several italian eat’interpretations & inspirations (food art) based on the inspirational concept ‘italy – the garden of europe. and . . . our central focus is: which typical italian vegetables and fruits have their roots in italy. amongst other things we have an installation of corsages made out of fruit and vegetable paper representing well and less known italian produce.
  • by the way, we take some adventurous pesto’s with a twist along.


  • saturday march 6, 2010: 13 – 19 hrs
  • sunday   march 7, 2010: 12 – 18 hrs
  • bus 42, tram 26, tram 10.
  • € 12,50 p.p.

17-20.02.2010: biofach

soon we will travel to Nürnberg and can you find us at the  BIOFACH, the trade fair  for organic & fair trade products, and the VIVANESS, the trade fair for natural personal care & wellness.


14.02.2010: eat’in special pure love

our valentine’s eat’in special pure love


  • prepare and serve 5 dishes topfull of pure love
  • dragen wellicht 1 of meerdere liefdesgedichten voor



tasty textiles

project description and slideshow: meer…


12.02.2010: eat’in special warm sweaters

logo warme truiendag

february 12, it is het warme truiendag (warm sweater day).

we serve WARMTH  meer…


january 23-31: natural textiles

de culinaire werkplaats is one of the downtown locations during amsterdam international fashion week. meer…


cocktailparty: meet & eat your necklaces

cocktailparty: meet & eat your necklaces meer…


january 26, 2010: food & fashion swop’in

edible corsage

edible corsage

you -just like the rest of us- own earrings, bracelets, necklaces, purses and other accessories that you do not wear anymore, or even dislike. and you have probably received  a 100% not done brooch on boxing day.

dust them off, take ‘m with you, and come during amsterdam international fashion week to our food & fashion swop’in evening, a co-production of stoere vrouwen and de culinaire werkplaats.

the programme

18.30 hrs – food swop’in

pull a chair, meet the dinnerclub of stoere vrouwen amsterdam.
the theme of this evening: foodmiles.
how does it work??

eat’in special tasty textiles

lace of strawberries

lace of strawberries

in for a new eating experience?

january 23-31, 2010 de culinaire werkplaats presents a new eating inspiration: tasty textiles; more than just food & eating;

it’s an adventure for your hands, your nose, your ears, your eyes, your taste buds, and perhaps also for your emotions.

meet in a surprising way the culinary interpretation of velvet, wool, silk, lace, threads and down.

curious? click at the following link for a sneak peek: menu tasty textiles


winner of westerlicht award & other highlights.

this post will be available in english in the 2nd half of january, 2010.


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing