amsterdam fashion week: lichting 2010 (class of …)

considering our motto food = fashion de culinaire werkplaats received a very special group of guests during DownTown Amsterdam International Fashion Week: lichting 2010.

lichting 2010

lichting 2010



august 2010: from mouth watering & waterbombs

have you ever eaten waterworks, or discovered a portion of water ballet on your plate? always wanted to know how a water lily tastes? or are you in for a coupe water & fire? and have you by any chance been drinking cleopatra’s tears? not yet … now is your chance!!!! meer…


frame magazine: bon appétit food design

In the august 2010 issue of Frame Magazine, augustus 2010, you will find article on ‘food design’: bon appétit.

Frame believes “there’s more to food design than overly decorated cupcakes or bewildering molecular gastronomy. Designers are busy cooking up a range of practical and sometimes thought-provoking ideas.”

They illustrate this perpective with projects of Edible, Koshi Kawachi, Julie Rothhahn, Philips & Arzak, Martí Guixé, and de culinaire werkplaats.

here you can read about the project of de culinaire werkplaats‘taste the unwearables’ (pdf.format) in Frame Magazine


in heerlijkheid: haute vega – the new eating

coverpage 'heerlijkheid'

coverpage 'heerlijkheid'

Marjan Ippel, always busy to spot the latest foodtrends for consumers, in informs us the Dutch magazine Heerlijkheid (nr 13; juli, aug, sept 2010) about haute vega, the food trend of this very moment.

The headline reads: “from fully principled and stodgy, vegetarianism has become an ecofabulous lifestyle nowadays. With matching haute restaurants, trendy websites and cookbooks. The new vegetarian is no longer worrying anti-meat, but happy pre-green!

The article is illustrated with images of some lovely vegetables dishes and pastry, which you can enjoy at de culinaire werkplaats. The images are made by Marjolein, one of the initiators of  de culinaire werkplaats.

The article: haute vega (pdf.format)


foodreportage: ui (elle eten)

sjalot bonbon

For Elle Eten, nr 4-2010, (Dutch culinary glossy) de culinaire werkplaats made a food report on onions.

the theme, the recipes and the foodstyling of this eat’inspiration are by de culinaire werkplaats.

marjolein and eric always translate inspirational themes into an eat’inspiration, which consists of 5 dishes: a eat.cocktail, followed by 2 savourish dishes and 2 sweetish.

the eat’inspiration for Elle Eten features both the versatility and the colorful side of onions:

  • marinated onions with jam of tomatoes;
  • vegetable stock and jelly cubes of spring onions;
  • black potato stew and gravy of shallots;
  • upside down tartlet of red onions;
  • shallot bonbons.

click on the following link for the whole report & images:

eat’inspiration 5 times onion (pdf)


wear or where to eat…

after their successful debut ‘taste the unwearables’, followed by ‘tasty textiles’ de culinaire werkplaats participated for the 3rd time as downtown location of amsterdam international fashion week in juli 2010. especially for this occasion the designers couple marjolein wintjes and eric meursing created a conceptual edible fashion collection inspired by the theme ‘wear or where to eat…’.  in this 3rd collection food, fashion and sustainability meet at various levels. meer…


nd july 16-17 2010 summer special

in june liesbeth goedbloed, journalist of nederlands dagblad -a dutch newspaper- was my table guest. at that very moment our eat’inspiration followed the results of the dutch national football team: orange the new black?

you can read about her eat’in experience, which she shares with the readers of nd. click at the following link: nd orange & a little bit of black (pdf.format – 705 Kb)


19.08.2010: contest eat more veggies – the next step

uienpapier gevuld met venere rijst

paper of onions; black venere rice

in may 2010, the nominees for the title “the best vegetables restaurant benelux 2010” were announced. amongst the nominees are 3 dutch restaurants. de culinaire werkplaats is proud to be one of the 8 nominees.

on august 19, 2010 the jury of the contest ‘eat more vegetables‘ will visit de culinaire werkplaats for dinner. the jurymembers are the belgian chef frank fol, paul gelders, managing director of gault millau, and foodwriter marc declercq. we are looking forward to meeting them. the inspirational concept for our eat’inspirations in august will be water. we can also expect a visit of a mystery guest who will test the experience of the jury.



july 2010: second sight – do it yourself trend

cover second sight july 2010 - DIY

cover second sight july 2010 - DIY

The July issue of Second Sight, the magazine by and for trendexperts and trend-interested, focusses on a new emerging trend: DIY, do it yourself.

We had a pleasant conversation with Jan Bletz, one of chief editors of second sight, and discussed some of the DIY aspects of de culinaire werkplaats.

You can read the article overhere: learning by doing it yourself (pdf format). meer…


july 2010: global fashion meets local food

from july 10 till 18, 2010, de culinaire werkplaats is for the 3rd time one of the participants of downtown amsterdam international fashion week.

since their successful debut taste the unwearables followed by the more conceptual tasty textiles the design couple marjolein wintjes & eric meursing present already their 3rd edible and sustainable collection: wear or where to eat. in this new collection food & fashion meet again.

wear or where to eat is an eat’inspiration on the cross section of fashion and food & eating design. this 3rd food=fashion collection is a tribute to:



Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing