nieuwsbrief 11.2010

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nov tot 19 dec 2010: ‘n portie eetbare herinneringen

eating connects people, eating is emotion, food and eating are a portion of edible memories  and by eating we create new memories. in november 2010 de culinaire werkplaats focusses on memories. during this month you can enjoy several 5 course eat.inspirations and an exhibition of emotion.bread.



27 nov 2010: tasty colours at vitaverto block party

tasty colours de culinaire werkplaats will be presenting tasty colours during the 3rd part of the vitavertofestival: the vitaverto block party, utrechtsestraat, amsterdam, on saturday november 27, 2010 from 13.00 – 17.00 uur.

tasty colours is a festive and tasty call for eating as much colourful vegetables and fruits as possible as a tribute to biodiversity.

vitaverto festival is a party in 3 parts which celebrates biodiversity. diversity of everything that is alive. from the smallest seeds tot the largest animal. diversity is what makes the world beautiful, magical and liveable. meer…


nov 2010: artikel over de kunst van conceptontwikkeling

in the november issue of misset catering (dutch magazine for caterers) you’ll find a report on the art of concept development.

the food and catering industry more and more collaborate with food designers to develop food concepts. the creative spirits working in this relatively young discipline do more than food only, it’s all about the eating experience. meer…


oct 2010: eatinspiration in amsterdam

in the misset restaurant special -october 2010- (dutch magazine for the hospitality branche) there was a report on de culinaire werkplaats as a total concept and working at the intersection of eating & art.

click here for the report: eatinspiration in amsterdam (pdf format – 4 pages in dutch)


report by stylus on highlights of dutch design week 2010

de culinaire werkplaats was one of the participants of the dutch design week 2010. we introduced the project deli.wear, a conceptual forecast at the future of fashion fabrics.

project deli.wear has been very successful, and according to for instance one of the highlights of the dutch design week 2010. click at the following link to read the article: stylus over dutch design week (pdf)


04nov2010: ‘n nieuw gezicht uit berlijn

tanja krakowski, our new intend

tanja krakowski, our new intend

A new month, a fresh face.

Eric are happy to introduce our new intend Tanja. She starts November 4, 2010. Tanja in her own words:

Hi there! I’m Tanja. I am a product design student from Berlin/Germany in my final year.

Over the past few years i focused on the subject of sustainability, which led to thoughts about products that leave no trace once they are consumed. That eventually led me to the subject of food and eating culture. The act of eating fascinates me because it is a very fundamental act in human interaction and also has the power to bond and deepen relationships … and besides I love to eat good food! meer…


5 nov 2010 eetspecial a walk down ecofabulous lane…..

You’re walking, you smell the scent of apple pie, and suddenly you picture yourself sitting at the kitchen table in your mothers kitchen. . .

The relationship between food and memories is the inspirational theme for an exclusive co-production between Lisette Kreischer, author of the cookbook to Ecofabulous cooking in all seasons, and de culinaire werkplaats, design studio, restaurant and concept store for fresh eat’inspirations.

On November 5, 2010 de culinaire werkplaats in Amsterdam serves the eetinspiratie ‘walk down a lane ecofabulous. Meet Lisette Kreischer, and taste her edible memories. meer…


1 nov 2010: lancering gault millau 2011

here we would like to mention a very special moment for de culinaire werkplaats.

on november 1, 2010 eric and ik were invited to the launch of the gault millau 2011. a very special evening, especially for a company that never expected to be mentioned in a culinary guide as a promising newcomer.


26 okt 2010 winnaar ‘t gouden dienblad fairtrade@work

fairtrade@work tijdens dutch design week 2010

fairtrade@work at dutch design week 2010

we are proud to announce that on october 26, 2010  de culinaire werkplaats received another award. this time de culinaire werkplaats won het gouden dienblad (de golden tray) in the category small employers with our breakfast and lunch activities for fairtrade@work on tuesday october 26, 2010. the contest was an initiative by max havelaar. the other award winner are ah (large employers) and sodexho (contract catering).


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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing