maart 2011 – hollandse landschappen

ever tasted dutch landscapes? grab your chances in march 2011 and join us for the eatinspiration ‘dutch landscapes’. in 5 dishes de culinaire werkplaats guides you through the diversity of the dutch landscape. you  start at  the wadden sea region, thereafter you are invited for a walk in the forest, through green spaces in the city you will reach the dutch polders and finally you get a piece of sand dunes.  the eatinspiration dutch landscapes is the 1st of the series ‘landscapes and architecture’. meer…


5 maart- 7 juli 2011: landschappen & architectuur

in need of some fresh eatinspirations? in that case you should book one of the 4 part series of eatinspirations which are inspired by landscapes & architecture. in march you can eat dutch landscapes, in april bauhaus is on the menu, in may you have a stroll through urban landscapes and in june you will find one or more architects on your plate. we close the 4 part eat’in special with a retrospect and  showcase the eyecatchers of the previous months. meer…


19-20 maart 2011: installatie recipe colorcodes italia al dente

on march 19-20, 2011 it will be  italia al dente 2011 time. de culinaire werkplaats will participate this year again. especially for the 2011 edition of this culinary festival de culinaire werkplaats has designed an installation at the intersection of food & art ‘recipe colorcodes’, in which italian vegetables are the main ingredients. you’ll find the installation at the entrance.

at the 2010 edition of italia al dente we presented culinary italy as  the vegetable garden of europe. this year we have translated recipes of italian recipes into a color code reflecting the used/necessary ingredients, the proportion and following sequence of appearance in the recipe. meer…


13 maart 2011: eetverhalen bij instituut idzerda – vpro

sunday evening march 13, 2011 marjolein and eric joined pieter van der wielen, host of the dutch radio programme instituut idzerda (vpro). the focus of this broadcasting was on that particular day ‘food stories’. meer…


maart 2011: groente & kunst op één bord

in february eric had a pleasant interview with  ton van der scheer of tuinbouwvakblad groenten & fruit (, a magazine for professional growers of vegetables & fruit. in the evening ton enjoyed the eatinspiration spoons full of real warmth to experience the story eric told him earlier that day.

click at the following link for the report (dutch): vegetables & art at the same dinnerplate


contest eat more vegetables 2011

published in De Telegraaf (dutch newspaper) on March 4, 2011

artikel uit de telegraaf d.d. 4 maart 2011 over de wedstrijd eet meer groenten 2011.


februari 2011: amsterdam, una città ecologica

the italian journalist silvia cher wrote a nice report on sustainable amsterdam.  the report is published at the italian website Easy at page 7 you’ll find a piece on sustainable eating and de culinaire werkplaats.

click at the following link for the report: Amsterdam, una città ecologica – Silvia Cher


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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing