juli 2011: EAT.patterns, spoons full of fashion

ever tasted polka dots, knittings or other tasty fashion patterns? if not, we advice you to grab your chance and book the dinnerspecial EAT.patterns created by the designer couple marjolein wintjes and eric meursing for down town amsterdam fashion week july 2011.

experience spoons full of fashion, and … don’t forget to pop in for the exhibition eat.PATTERNS which explores the inextricable relation between eating & fashion. meer…


juni 2011: eating architects

ever tasted 5 architects?  how about a gerrit rietveld or a jan duiker on your dinnerplate? the food & eating designers marjolein wintjes & eric meursing have translated 5 architects into an eat’inspiration of 5 dishes using one of their prominent designs.

since march this year marjolein and eric have been creating a 4 parts series of menus around the inspirational theme landscapes & architecture. a theme they both enjoyed very, very much. in march the series started with dutch landscapes, in april guests experienced bauhaus on the dinnerplate, and in may they presented their interpretation of urban landscapes. the grand finale will be in june with the eat’inspiration eat’in architects. meer…


15.06.2011: colour hunting

colour hunting: how colour influences what we buy, make and feel.

for millennia, artists and designers have utilized colour to express ideas and emotions in everything from the frescoes and textiles of ancient civilizations to the haute couture and digitally created architecture of today. colour plays a vital rol in our visual experiences and affects senses such as feel and taste, but it also shapes our actions subconsciously.

colour hunting, frame publishers, explores the very depths of the subject and is available at de culinaire werkplaats. price: € 49,90

the chapter ‘black stories’ reveals the gastronomic perspectives from de culinaire werkplaats.


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Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing