sept 28 – oct 29, 2011: de stad in 5 gerechten

in october city life will be blooming like always, also at de culinaire werkplaats. living in a city and our love-hate-relationship with amsterdam are the inspirational triggers for the dinnerspecial the city. we picked 5 metropolitan issues which we translates to a city walk in 5 dishes.

ever tasted how special a moment of ‘urban quietness is? believe it or not, but for the first time of your life you will be asking for more ‘nuisance‘ as this dish is surprisingly moreish. we also have interpreted two green urban themes to the dinnerplate: urban farming and urban nature. as finishing touch you can enjoy a spicy blend of ingredients representing a typical amsterdam neighbourhood.

the last glimpse for this moment: this eat’inspiration is about more than food only. meer…


26 sept 2011: opening nationale kookstudioweek

the theme of de nationale kookstudioweek 2011 is vegetables and fruits.

de culinaire werkplaats welcomes the choice of this theme. during this event you can take workshop minis in which vegetables and fruits are leading at a great number of cooking schools.

although the nationale kookstudioweek starts at september 24, the opening will be on monday 26 september at de culinaire werkplaats.  this ceremony is for invitees only.

on the program: meer…


sept 26, 2011: puur workshop voor restaurants

what started as the fair trade restaurant week has become the puur restaurant week, and this year the event is held from November 14-20, 2011.

participating restaurants offer during this week a menu in which the ingredients are organic and/or fair trade. if fish is part of the menu, this should be sustainable: (MSC certified or

if you want to join and/or want to know where organic and fair trade products and sustainable fish are available. or if you want to know more about organic, fairtrade and /or sustainable seafood, or if you need inspiration, you are welcome at special inspiration workshops for the hospitality branch.

in the afternoon of september 26  you can attend an inspirational demonstration of eric meursing, chef and co-initatior of de culinaire werkplaats, in collaboration with deli xl. meer…


15 aug – 24 sept 11: dutch waters

'n plas water met regen

after our summerbreak and fully inspired by a rainy july we kick off in august with one of our most favorite themes: water. we translated this theme to 5 lovely waterdishes that take you on a adventurous journey through water and food.  so you’ll have the opportunity to bite in a piece of dune water. you can learn all about the hidden but tasty talents of buoys or enjoy spoons full of a blooming pont. furthermore you’ll find two of our legendary water classics on the menu, but with a fresh twist: waterworks and swan lake. we completed the eat’inspiration with the matching cocktail wishing well and the aperitif cleopatra’s tears. meer…


newsletter august 2011

with a lot of pleasure we put together our latest newsletter with a sneak preview until june 2012, some work in progress, some bragging and an invitation for the first edition of the i love beeing festival.

click on the link for newsletter 08-2011 in pdf format.


natural beauty



the making of ….

koen de groote of lalito is writing and publishing a literary cookbook. every chapter is devoted to a novel and a matching restaurant in words and in food. so our homework for this summer was to read paralipomena orphica by harry mulish, a booklet loaded with amusing stories about death.

after the first meeting with koen, we said to him ‘count us in‘. the eat’inspiration was born in no-time. and we were looking forward to a photoshoot at a graveyard. as finishing touch the weather gods were very favorable.  at the day of the photoshoot, augustus 24, it was raining cats and dogs. and during the photoshoot the pouring rain was accompanied by some thunder and lightning.

here some images of the making of… made by rens spanjaard. the title is still a questionmark as koen keeps this a secret from us.


aug/sept 2011: bonbons revisited II

bonbons revisited: vegetable & fruit bonbons, product development in commission for an international trend event.


4 sept 2011: ‘t beeing diner – i love beeing festival

always wanted to know more about the bees? bees go from flower to flower. due to pollination of flowers bees contribute to the fantastic vegetables, fruits and beans we find on our daily plate. furthermore, honey bees produce on top of this delicious honey. meer…


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing