dec 2011: images of eat’inspiration surprise, surprise

fancy surprises and presents? ever tasted pieces of new year’s resolutions or had a portion of dreaming of a white xmas. in our december 2011 eat’inspiration surprise, surprise! you had your chance, as we presented 5 dutch festive december classics, but with a huge twist.

on the menu:

  • coupe new year’s resolutions: a savourish ‘oliebol’, foamy champagne and marinated pears;
  • dreaming of a white xmas?: 3 stews of root parsley, jerusalem artichoke and brussels sprouts; some mushrooms and crisps of jerusalem artichoke;
  • pièce de résistance: dried tomatoes-almond pie accompanied by green peas and black potato;
  • presents:  wonton dough with a filling of fiques and 5 december spices, on sweetened black venere rice and a coulie of tangerine;
  • punch revisited: frozen fruits marinated in white wine and mint on foamy red port.

specialbite jaargids 2012 – top 10 amsterdam

Landelijke top 10 en toplijstjes per regioin november has launched their  2012 edition with the 501 most special restaurants of the netherlands.

to our surprise de culinaire werkplaats is number 8 of the top 10 restaurants of amsterdam according to specialbite.  we feel very honoured.

click here for all the top 10 lists of specialbite for 2012 and here you’ll find the specialbite review of de culinaire werkplaats.


december 2011: surprise, surprise

do you like presents and surprises? in that case our december eat’inspiration ‘surprise! surprise!’ is a must for you. 5 typical dutch december food traditions will be revisited and presented with a huge twist. you can already have pre-taste of  2012 and work out your good intentions, dreaming about a white christmas, or pick some tasty ice flowers, and when you are very lucky you can be kissed by an angel. meer…


02 dec 2011: ‘n zoen van de dames reiziger

in the 2nd half of november 2011 the ladies reiziger, two dutch culinary journalists, appeared to have enjoyed the eat’inspiration spoons full of honesty at de culinaire werkplaats.

at the end of november we received a phonecall from a photographer of the Algemeen Dagblad (dutch daily newspaper). he wanted to take some pictures as a review about de culinaire werkplaats by the ladies reiziger would be published on saturday december 2nd.

you all will understand that the first thing we did on that specific saturday was buying a copy of this newspaper.

we would like to thank the ladies for their kiss.:)

here you can read the review of the ladies reiziger, unfortunately only in dutch available: dames reiziger in Algemeen Dagblad of december 2, 2011 (pdf format; 370 kb)


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing