03-25 feb 2012: simply red.

february, valentine and warm sweater day and immediately red. crossed our minds.

blood red, cherry red, tomato red, burgundy red, brick red, ox red …… the associations of the colour red range from love and fertility, warmth and happiness, to power, violence, danger and anything what is forbidden. in short, red is a colour with many different meanings and emotions. in other words: who is afraid of red?

the various reds of the colour system pantone are the inspirational input for our eat’inspiration simply red. in 5 dishes you’ll make a journey through the meaningful world of red. you can taste the essence of pantone 032 EC red, the earthiness of pantone 18-1631 red and taste some pieces of pantone 1795 c – alert red? meer…


de dood & hoe ‘t ook kan

the exhibition “de dood & hoe het ook kan’ (dying and more…) shows design projects about special and emotional products in the funeral industry. this exhibition is open at roosgeeftvorm in eindhoven from february 24th till March 10th.

de culinaire werkplaats is participating, and will exhibit a selection of emotion.breads designed by marjolein wintjes.

death is a growing hype on the internet. social media platforms like facebook offer the opportunity for online burial places. i-tomb and i-memorial are some examples. these days, there is a bigger need for physic products, with content and meaning. this exhibition shows another point of view on this subject.

de culinaire werkplaats offers a special ‘opening-bread’ during the opening on friday the 24thfrom 17.00 till 20.00 hour. the pop-its factory of ridder & clown asks visitors to bring your well-beloved piece of clothes and transform it into valuable pop-its.

exhibitors are ridder & clown, michel kuipers, nadia gonegai, de culinaire werkplaats and roos kuipers.

visitor’s information: willemstraat 21, 5611 hb eindhoven.


in de japanse pers

エル・デコ最新号表紙japanese elle décor, january 2012

in september 2011 de culinaire werkplaats received the editor in chief and creative director of the japanese elle décor for the eat’inspiration dutch waters. in the january 2012 issue there is a report about amsterdam: cycling through amsterdam.

click at the following link and find the page which features westerpark and de culinaire werkplaats. JAN 2012 Elle Décor – Cycling through Amsterdam in pdf-format

eurosky (klm) japanese edition, 1ste quarter 2012

lately 2 japanese  flight attendants stopped by for an eat’inspiration. they arrived with a copy of eurosky in which a report on dutch design and new trends. de culinaire werkplaats was one of the featured hot spots.

click at the following link for this page in the report: JAN 2012 Euro Sky – Dutch Design, New Trends in pdf-format

precious, april 2012

precious, a japanese glossy, will feature an interview with marjolein in their april issue.


alarm rood voor honingbij

what have anna drijver, thekla reuten, carice van houten, haline reijn, sanne vogel, eva van de wijdeven, eva bartels, rosa reuten, jeroen willems, hanna verboom, terence schreurs, hadewych minis en charlie dagelet in common besides the fact they are tv and/or film celebrities? ……. you can taste them all, as they have given their names to the limited edition organic BEEING honey. all proceeds will benefit the honeybee.

where can you buy limited edition BEEING honey ?

  • the jars with exclusive BEEING honey can be bought during the i love beeing diners. check the agenda of the  i love beeing festival to find out when and where the next i love beeing diner will take place.
  • since the eat’inspiration simply red. the limited edition BEEING honey is also for sale @ de culinaire werkplaats.
  • a jar of BEEING honey is € 10,00, all proceeds will benefit the honeybee.

waarom verkopen wij BEEING honing?

  • during the february eat’inspiration simply red. we translate the various meanings of red to 5 dishes. one of these dishes is alert and represents signal red. with this dish we draw the attention to the extreme bee mortality due to a multiplicity of factors.
  • this has implications for our dinnerplates. without pollination by bees there would be less vegetables, fruits, nuts, cacao, etc. dit heeft
  • of course there is honey used in this dish, as alert is a tribute to the great work done by  honeybees.

hip & hot: valentijn gerechtjes

hip & hot magazine invited us to create some valentine dishes for their january issue. the result: the following three dishes, in which the colour of love & warmth is leading:

  • love = comfortable but slightly different: bitterbal with a filling of red cabbage stew on a salate of marinated red cabbage with a few mushrooms.
  • love = sharing everything: long pasta ribbons  with a ‘pesto’ of red beets, walnuts and dill.
  • love = warmth: chocolate bonbons with a filling of marinated pears and a sirup of red port.

the recipes (eric), the styling and photography (marjolein).


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing