februari 2012: project simply red.

cocktail: pantone 032 EC: essencein the project simply red we were searching for the essence of the colour red.

blood red, cherry red, wine red, tomato red, burgundy, bright red, brick red …..

the associations and emotions evoked by the colour red range from love and fertility, warmth and joy to power, violence, danger and everything that is forbidden. in short, red is a meaningful and complex colour.



april 2012: saturday afternoon.treats

do you want to visit de culinaire werkplaats, but you do not have enough time for our 5 course eat’inspiration dutch landscapes? grab your chance to change this.

every saturday afternoon  in april you can enjoy our saturday afternoon treats, typical dutch icons with a twist, this time with a pricetag, as some of our guest do not like the ??,?? pricetags of our eat’inspirations.

saturday afternoon.treats meer…


2 mrt – 14 april 2012: dutch landscapes

in march we start with the eat’inspiration dutch landscapes II. on the menu: an eat.cocktail moorland of drente, thereafter you’ll meet the delicate taste of dutch grasslands and the hills of limburg, followed by some urban area and the finishing touch is a culinary representation of dutch polder landscape.

from march-june  2012 we have a series of eat’inspirations on the agenda, in which landscapes and architecture are the inspirational concept, as we enjoyed this theme so much last year. meer…


fancy a spicy easter?

spicy easter eggs chinese style, kruidige paaseieren chinese stijl

fancy a spectacular, spicy boiled egg @ easter? try marbled eggs chinese style with all kinds of fresh natural colours. it looks awesome and the use of various spices boost up the taste of the well know boiled eggs. by the way, it doesn’t cost much extra work.

first you’ll find the directions in general, thereafter you’ll find per colour the ingredients. meer…


march 2 – july 7, 2012: landscapes & architecture

fancy a fresh portion inspiration? in that case book an eat’inspiration at de culinaire werkplaats in the period of march 2nd – july 7th, 2012 for one of our eating specials. in this period we feature a 3 part series of eat’inspirations inspired by landscapes & architectures. we kick off with dutch landscapes. thereafter we’ll make a journey in 5 dishes through garden architecture, and last but not least you can eat some urban landscapes & architecture. during this period marjolein will create work for an exhibition on table landscapes and a report on the relation food & architecture. meer…


maart 2012: life is precious

in january 2012 marjolein had a very pleasant interview for the japanese glossy precious with kiyomi yui, an amsterdam based journalist and photograher.

click at the following link for the interview: life is precious in pdf format


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing