‘t nederlands landschap in 5 gerechten

in march 2012, we have launched for the 2nd time a 3-part series on landscapes and architecture. this theme is for us an immense inspirational source in our research process for new flavours, new textures, new combinations and new ways of eating.

we kicked off with the eat’inspiration dutch landscapes.

landscapes and architecture is one of our most favorite themes.
in 2011 we focussed mostly on architecture in our food scapes. in 2012 our focus shifted more toward landscapes.

the process.

  • we have selected at random 5 typical dutch landscapes, each landscape inspired us in various ways. so the foodscapes are an interpretation in many layers. besides flavours, shape, texture, the selected ingredients often are connected in a special way to the landscape we explored.
  • we work process oriented, so we start at the 1st evening with an inspirational thema, the selection of 5 dutch landscapes, and a list of ingredients, during the month we develop in dialogue with our guests the dishes.
  • hereafter you’ll find a short description of the five dutch landscapes, some of the inspirational aspects and the main ingredients used.

the dishes.

savourish 1: drenthe’s moorland

  • inspired by blooming heather, megaliths and a famous quotation from the children’s book bartje by anne de vries which pictures a story about a pour farmersboy brought up in this specific part of the netherlands;
  • the main ingredients: black beans, red cabbage, piccalilly.

savourish 2: meadow landscape (see photo of the preparations of this dish)

  • the netherlands is a flat country with a lot of pastures/meadows, unfortunately nowadays usually empty, because the cattle is kept inside;
  • the main ingredients: hay, kale, celery, shallots, field mushrooms, gravy;

savourish 3: limburg’s hills

  • limburg (southern part of the netherlands)  is an area which we dutch often characterize by it’s hill, asparagus, beer, and kollerberger spelt;
  • the main ingredients: including salsify (nickname: poor man’s asparagus, and used instead of the asparagus limburg is renowed for as those were not in season), onions, black potato, parsley, and chateau neubourg (beer from limburg);

sweetish 1: city

  • the urban areas in the netherlands are growing fast and this affects the shape of the traditional dutch landscapes, it  is becoming increasingly urbanized. this urbanization raises the question ‘how to feed all those people’. a possible answer lies in urban farming;
  • the main ingredients, which we have used: black quinoa, figs, raisins, apple, mint.

sweetish 2: polder

  • outside their borders the dutch are known for their waterworks, and their excellent knowledge of creating polders;
  • the main ingredients: dried fruits in liquor  (we call this in dutch farmers’ girls), bitter almond cookie, waffle dough, sabayon.


apple-pie-on-a-stick we created in commission especially for the shop of the netherlands pavilion @ the worldexpo 2012 in south korea. it is sold in a dutch type of vending machine.

best way to enjoy it, is to eat it with a ‘dip’ or topping of cream with gingerbread spices. yes, what would a dutch apple pie be without asian spices.


april 20 – june 9, 2012: garden landscapes

please note: prolonged until june 9, 2012.

attention to all garden lovers and culinary adventurers! always wanted to taste a rock garden or a japanese garden? or is a shadow garden more your cup of tea? want to know more, come and enjoy the eat’inspiration garden landscapes.

from april 20, 2012 we will be inspired by a new inspirational source: garden landscapes & architecture, the 2nd eat’inspiration of the 3-part series landscapes & architecture. we selected 5 garden designs: a shadow garden, a rock garden, aroof garden, a japanese garden and a natural garden. and we translated the most eyecatching details of these gardens into foodscapes on a plate.



may 3, 2012, on our way to world expo south korea

soon the worldexpo 2012 starts in south korea. the food & beverage, and hospitality concept of the pavilion of the netherlands is created by DVP China Eventmarketing, that also is responsible for the venue management and the shop of this pavilion. during the last months de culinaire werkplaats worked closely with the team of DVP China Eventmarketing on a matching theme based food design. the inspirational theme is water & land reflecting a dutch point of view. 2 eat’inspirations/food experiences have been created, and several food items for the shop.  the catering of the eat’inspirations and food items will be executed by a local partner, namely Holiday Inn Gwanju.

the worldexpo is held in yeosu (south korea) from may 12 – august 12, 2012. the central theme for this year’s expo is The Living Ocean and Coast: Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities.

on may 3 we will leave for south korea for the prepatory activities and the opening of the pavilion of the netherlands. on may 14 we will fly to china for another food related project.

please note: the restaurant section of de culinaire werkplaats will be closed from may 3 – 20, 2012. you are more than welcome to join us again for the eat’inspiration ‘garden landscapesfrom may 25, 2012.


what’s on the menu?

new luxuries

we explore inspirational concepts in our search for new tastes, textures, food pairings or new ways of eating & drinking. we translate themes to so-called eat’inspirations.

eat’inspirations are edible stories of regularly changing inspirational themes, like black, time, or emotions.

at this moment we offer three types of eat’inspiration

  • REGULAR eat’inspiration
    • 5 edible stories
    • 3 times savourish, and 2 times sweetish
    • preceded by a sneak peak, a bite or bread with a topping that reveals something of the theme
    • € 47,50 per person
    • from august 2018: € 49,50 per person
  • POSH eat’inspiration
    • 7 edible stories
    • 4 times savourish, and 3 times sweetish
    • preceded by a sneak peak, a bite or bread with a topping that reveals something of the theme
    • € 67,50 per person
    • bookable at least 1 day in advance.
  • VIP or UBER POSH eat’inspiration
    • 7 edible stories
    • 4 times savourish + 3 times sweetish
    • preceded by
      • a theme-based welcome cocktail
      • flatbread with a dip
    • spoom
    • a personal tour in our art space for food art + design ‘The Storage Room’ incl. several experiences.
    • and a small booklet or another surprise
    • € 97,50 per person
    • bookable at least 1 day in advance.

indication of our themes for 2018

  • dec 01, 2017 – jan 14, 2018
    • eat’inspiration typical dutchexperience some iconic dutch matters and habits together with the typical dutch flavours of the holiday season.
  • jan 18 – march 18, 2018
    • eat’inspiration fake or real? in this eat’inspiration we explore the thin line between pure, real and fake.
  • march 22 – may 27, 2018
    • eat’inspiration flower powerexperience the special relationship we dutch have with flowers.
  • june – july 2018
    • eat’inspiration rising sun. a tribute to the works and life of vincent van gogh.
  • aug – sept 2018
    • eat’inspiration golden age. during this eat’inspiration we present some highlights of amsterdam during the dutch golden age.
  • oct – nov 2018
    • eat’inspiration ‘retro revisited’. we take you on a “retro with a contemporary twist” tour.
  • dec 2018 – jan 2019
    • eat’inspiration sign of the time. experience the new, future luxuries.

eating specials 2018 – all 5 courses.

  • may 13, 2018: 
    • 1 day only eating special: say it with …. flowers? 
  • december 24-25-26, 2018:
    • xmas eating special home alone? this dinner special highlights a selection of some iconic xmas movies.
  • december 31, 2018: 
    • new year’s eve special – a one night only. experience some trending topics of 2018, and … 

food wishes

  • please do inform us about any dietary restrictions when you make your reservation preferably 1 or 2 days in advance. when you have several food allergies preferably 7 days in advance.

choice of ingredients, products and suppliers

  • besides taste and inspirational theme at least 2 of the following criteria also provide for our choice of ingredients, products and suppliers: animal welfare, small-scale or organic farming, fair trade, direct trade, season, distance, and personal health.

Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing