august 2012: you can’t judge a book by it’s cover

like last year in august the restaurant section of de culinaire werkplaats will be closed.

we will be traveling, not to a far country, not to the sun. we will be mind traveling for the project you can’t judge a book by it’s cover; not only foodwise, also image & wordwise. our intended destination: a collection of the basic ingredients for a book.

furthermore we will be working on a few new ideas and projects, such as september’s food narrative a postcard from shanghai, and last-but-not-least de culinaire werkplaats will push on the refress button.

we’ll keep you posted.


urban landscapes: eat the city

landscapes and architecture are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. it’s wonderful strolling through the town and have a look around you. meer…


july 22, 2012: lekker amsterdam according to christoph wirtz

christoph wirtz, a culinary journalist from germany, has visited amsterdam to check it’s restaurant scene. he had dinner at de kas, la rive, the dylan amongst others, and lunch at de culinaire werkplaats.

read his verdict on dutch cuisine in amsterdam, and his comments regarding de culinaire werkplaats in the following report in weltonline. one thing we can reveal already: he is quite positive about culinary amsterdam.

click for the report (german) at the following link: lekker amsterdam volgens christoph wirtz or at the following png to read the article. meer…


20-21-27-28 juli 2012: urban landscapes episode 2

city slickers please note! on july 20, 21, 27 and 28 juli 2012 you can for the last time book for eat the city, taste the city in 5 urban landscapes; episode 2, a make-over from episode 1.

with the 2nd episode of eat the city we close the 3-part series ‘landscapes & architecture’.  after the eat’inspirations dutchgarden landscapes an at random selection of 5 urban landscapes highlights this food narrative.

you can nibble on a foot scape, legally have some bites out of a guerilla garden and experience the taste of adisposal spot. a recent visit to shanghai has inspired us to an interpretation of a metropolitan skyline and last but not least you’ll find a real amsterdam street corner at your dish.

for our guests we have made a small present ‘create city nature’. meer…


raw. a forecast s/2013 where food & fashion meet

eatinspiration raw, the dish unique

the 3-days only eat’inspiration RAW is a color and texture forecast for summer 2013 and beyond ….. for fashion and food visualized in 5 dishes, and especially created for the summer 2012 edition of downtown amsterdam fashion week.

RAW encompasses a number -from our perspective- important trends that are becoming visible in various domains, and which reflect the various meanings of the notion RAW. we have translated a selection of 5 different meanings of RAW to 5 dishes.

these meanings are: native, earth, unique, unfinished and last but not least naturel.  the result a color + textures outlook for food & fashion. in keywords a short explanation: meer…


without eve & apple there would not be a fashion industry

without eve & apple there would not be a fashion industry…… and at the same this thought connects food & fashion” (marjolein wintjes)

for downtown amsterdam fashion week we created a 3 days only eat’inspiration RAW: a colour & texture forecast for fashion fabrics summer 2013 in 5 dishes. and at the same time a forecast for food.

RAW is not about raw food, RAW is a notion that encompasses various trends, a reflection of the Zeitgeist. the most striking features we have captured in dishes forecasting for future food & fashion. these are: native, earth, unique, unfinished and naturel.

the dish naturel features the meaning of naked expressed by the notion RAW. and naked reminded us of adam, eve, and apple.  so a dish was born, we translated naturel or naked in 5 different preparations of apple to illustrate apple naturel.

in other words: without food there would be no fashion.


14-15-16 sept: smaakexplosies 2012 – a sneak preview

on a very, very hot day in july, eric and i went to the hembrug area in zaandam, near amsterdam, a former military and ammunition site. we were curious to find out which building the team of smaakexplosies had in mind for us this year.
just like, in 2009, we were struck again by the mysterious and inspiring environment where this festival is located. et voilà, see above the building for our contribution this year. a week ago jiske walstra, one of the two festival organizers, gave us a sneak preview by e-mail, but it didn’t match the real thing. in reality, the building is breathtaking.

taste explosions 2012: ‘the story of taste’

smaakexplosies is a festival with & about food, exciting food, stimulating food, healthy eating, eating with humor and edible art. but ………there is much more than food only ……..
you can also enjoy music, street theater, art, workshops, listen to tasty stories, look into the kitchen of various museums from northern holland and discover the very special environment and setting.
the 2012, and fourth edition of smaakexplosies takes place at the hembrug area of zaandam on september 14, 15 & 16. this year’s theme is ‘the story of taste’

our contribution

in 2009, the contribution of de culinaire werkplaats was ‘zijbakt.instilte’ (she bakes in silence), an exhibition of emotion.bread, breads with a personal story about emotional moments in life. right now we are working on this year’s contribution, which we will announce soon.

Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing