oct 23, 2012: designers on food

on october 23, 2012 there will be an evening dedicated to designers on food by the nijmeegs ontwerp platform (design plaform of creatives living & working in nijmegen) hosted by lux nijmegen. language of this evening is dutch.

food designer mariëlle bordewijk will present her perspective on food design and her method to develop strategic concepts and products for all kinds of clients.

de culinaire werkplaats is also invited to do a presentation. marjolein has accepted with pleasure. nijmegen is her hometown and she is looking forward to share her ideas and work with the creatives of nijmegen.

more info about the evening can be found on the website of nop.


7 sept t/m 13 okt 2012: a postcard from shanghai

with the food narrative ‘a postcard from shanghai‘ we want to share with you in 5 dishes the most striking impressions of our visit to both shanghai and south korea earlier this year.

in may 2012 we’ve been for two projects to south korea and  a couple of days to shanghai. 24 hours a day you hear car horns in shanghai, the city a so huge that even taxi drivers get lost. shanghai is an incredibly dynamic city, a city that seems tireless and never sleeps. everywhere you look there is laundry hanging outside to dry, everywhere you stumble over stray mops, pedestrians & cyclists are sharing the sidewalk, it’s an incredible experience.

the huge range of contrasts combined with the dynamics of shanghai, and add to this combination the cheerfulness of the chinese, all these ingredients of shanghai have touched us. indeed, marjolein is still homesick for shanghai.

what kind of postcards and stories you can expect on your dinnerplate? for example, you get a postcard of mr & mrs bund and we surprise you with our interpretation of the signature dish of this restaurant, another postcard illustrates the special flavours of’ moganshan reserve,  you also get to know a man who is calling in front of his home dressed in his bright blue pj’s, and we send you a typical urban landscape on a plate representing the colourful laundry of shanghai.

as a sneak preview a small photo impression can be found at our facebook: photoalbum shanghai, photoalbum south korea meer…


shop items + delicatessen

since our summer break we started again to create all sorts of delicatessen for our shop, and soon to open webshop.

here you can find out what’s waiting on the shelves for you, the opening hours, and so on.

shop items meer…


september 2012 news.bites

after our traditional august break it is time for a new eat’inspiration. this time we invite you for a postcard from shanghai, our travel & work experiences in shanghai en south korea in 5 dishes.

in our news.bites you’ll find more details about a postcard from shanghai. we are happy that we at last managed to create some news.bites again, a newsletter which reveals the eat’inspirations for the coming 4 month, some highlights of the past months, and a few projects in progress.

click on the above image and you’ll get the newsletter in pdf format.

enjoy reading and hope to meeting soon again.

marjolein & eric.


amsterdam europa magazine

amsterdam europa magazine features some highlights of amsterdam: the house of bols, de appel, the exchange, eye and de culinaire werkplaats.

click at the following link for the report (spanish): artikel in amsterdam europa magazine (pdf)


14-15-16 sept 2012: dinner.talks @ smaakexplosies

during the 4th edition of smaakexplosies, a cultural & culinary festival, we worked on project dinner.talks.

usually we chat quite a lot as we dine, we improve the world, we discuss the highlights of the day, share intimacies, and if dinner tastes really delicious we even swap recipes and cooking tips. but … often we are so noisy while we’re eating that the stories of you dinner most of the time are lost … so we thought it’s time to work on some dinner.talks, two interactive installations: black + colourful dinner.talks.

black dinner.talks meer…


4 sept 2012: senseo sarista, ‘n nieuwe kijk op koffie zetten en drinken

the assignment: create 6 different dishes for the press launch on september 4, 2012, of senseo sarista, a brand new way of making, drinking and experiencing coffee.

the 6 dishes had to match the various blends of senseo sarista: mellow flow, bright zing, pure explosion, bold burst, rich reveal and a blend free from caffeine but with a bite.

some years ago, douwe egberts and philips changed the world of coffee making with senseo, a kind of i-pad but for coffee. meer…


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing