project: a postcard from shanghai

the project a postcard from shanghai is an eat’inspiration based on a number of special memories and moments experienced during our trip to china and south korea in 2012.

we shared through this eat’inspiration not only our food impressions, but also our personal findings in 5 dishes. this project offered us  at the same time the opportunity to reflect on both our working experiences in an asian working environment and our findings on the asian eating culture.

in our book to be you’ll find a comprehensive reflection on our findings. the food memories in a postcard from shanghai are interpretations in shape, taste, texture, scent, colour, presentation, choice of ingredients, etc.

the souvenirs.

  • mr & mrs bund, a mixture of a night out with our commissioner, the signature dish of the restaurant mr & mrs bund, and the observation that champagne, caviar, truffles almost all over the world are embraced as icons for (financial) success.
  • moganshan, a weekend at an eco resort in the mountains of moganshan, where you walk among broad beans in the wild, where it intensely quiet and green, where we were introduced to a number of remarkable flavor combinations from the chinese cuisine.
  • shanghai laundry, in shanghai laundry is hanging outside anywhere you come, and sometimes it is hard to avoid the water drops. this impression resulted in the fact that our guests had to take down the “washing”.
  • sweet tooth, a tribute to the variety of sweet dishes in south korea, and the national tuber sweet potato.
  • the man in his blue pj’s, an eat interpretation of a situation we had at taikang lu, shanghai, where we observed for about 15 minutes a man dressed in his blue pyjamas pacing up and down the street while having a loud conversation on his cell phone.

the menu.

the images.

  • this eatinspiration will be captured in images somewhere  in march 2013.



20 nov 2012: futurefood #4 is food fashion?

conceptual edible wedding dress of rhubarb + flowers of milk by marjolein wintjes, de culinaire werkplaats, project taste the unwearables, aifw july 2009

on november 20th the 4th edition of futurefood is being held. this time the event focusses on the question is food fashion?

besides kathy moerdijk (vinites), menno post (soon executive chef restaurant de bokkedoorns), onno kleyn (culinary columnist volkskrant), katja gruijters (food designer) marjolein and eric are invited to present our perspective on this issue.

do you want to be present? please note the discussion and presentations will be in the dutch language. if this is no problem please send an email to the organization: or visit


oct 20 – nov 30, 2012: the taste of dutch design

are you into dutch design? then you may not miss the eat’inspiration design.matters? !!! at the end of october it’s again dutch design week, a week with a focus on the widely acclaimed dutch design in all kinds of sizes and shapes. this prompted us to search for five dutch design icons as input for design.matters?; an eat’inspiration which is a tribute to dutch design in 5 dishes. meer…


fairtrade treats

on november 3, 2012, max havelaar organized a fair trade bloggers event. the kick off of this event took place at de culinaire werkplaats. especially for this occassion and the coffee/tea moment we created 3 sweet treats with fresh fair trade ingredients:

  • ananas croquettes with a dip of coconut;
  • marinated apple with a topping of avocado foam and caviar of applejuice;
  • wontons with a filling of dark chocolate and coffee with a dip of tahini.

this is already the 3rd time we host with pleasure an event of max havelaar.


3 nov 2012: fair trade bloggers event

november 3, 2012, de culinaire werkplaats will be the start location of the fairtrade bloggers event organized by max havelaar in the context of de fairtrade week 2012.

what’s on the programme:

the kick off  is at de culinaire werkplaats. the participants have a quick introduction round and reveal their most favorite fair trade product/ingredient. thereafter judith verkuil (max havelaar) reveals the programme and jochem veerman (max havelaar) has a presentation about the what, the how and the why of  fair trade. max havelaar showcases a great number of products and ingrediënts which carry the fair trade label.

eric meursing (de culinaire werkplaats) has created three fair trade dishes out of fresh fair trade ingredients, so the bloggers can also meet some fresh fair trade produce. the dishes are: ananas ‘bitterball’with a coconut dip, marinated apple with foam of avocado and caviar of applejuice, and last but not least wontons with a filling of dark chocolate and a sauce of tahini and coffee. see our portfolio for images of the dishes.

hereafter the group hops on their bikes for the workshop ‘the dutch weedburger’ by lisette kreischer and mark kulsdom at another location in amsterdam. this is followed by a workshop cooking with tea by kasia vermaire, kyonne leyser and edwin sander. and the day will end with mixing cocktails and mocktails by samuel levi.


31 okt 2012: the nethwork, think orange, grow green

we hosted a brainstorm meeting of nethwork, a cluster of 14 dutch horticultural companies supporting the sustainable development of the horticultural market in central america by sharing their complementary dutch horticultural knowledge, experience, technology, network and best practices.

the slogan of nethwork is: think orange grow green. meer…


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing