november 2012: press launch by yves rocher

coffee bites with white & green tea

on november 29, 2012 yves rocher has launced 3 innovative, vegetal skincare products to the dutch press: anti-age global.

we have  created a welcome cocktail of sauteed apple brunoise, cucumber, mint and apple foam, together with 6 dishes in which the colours green and white are leading. for instance white and green tea tiramisu, and pear with pearls of green olives.


savourish, spicy and/or fruity dutchies

oliebollen are a traditional dutch food. oliebollen (literally oil balls) are traditionally eaten on new year’s eve and at fun fairs. in english they are more commonly referred to as dutch doughnuts or dutchies.

we think that most oliebollen are too big, too sweet and/or too fat. so we prefer to make oliebollen ourselves in stead of buying them. we make them much more smaller by using the one of the smallest ice-scoopers and tastier by adding savourish, spicy and/or fruity ingredients to the dough.

here are some examples and recipe: meer…


speakers dinner tedx amsterdam women 2012

on november 30, 2012 we received a number of the speakers of tedx amsterdam women for an informal gathering to give the speakers the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and prepare for the next day’s event at the okurahotel. at the image you see marjolein introducing de culinaire werkplaats.

very special guests on a -to us- very special day. november 30 was the last day in 2012 that the restaurant section of de culinaire werkplaats was opened for the public. we could not have wished for a better last evening.

the next day we attended the tedx amsterdam women event ‘dare to choose’. it was an inspiring day. it was very special to listen to the very personal stories and asperations of the speakers you met the evening before. a variety of topics and perspectives were shared. the day came to an end before we even noticed.

we enjoyed presentations and the network opportunities and we thank the organization of tedx amsterdam women for such an inspiring event.


portfolio: the taste of dutch design

dish inspired by the work of viktor & rolf, image by marjolein wintjes (de culinaire werkplaats)

from october 20 till november 30, 2012 we have presented the eat’inspiration design.matters?, an interpretation of 5 dutch design icons.

during the interpretation process, we not only reflected on the shapes, but also on the ideas, philosophy, oeuvre and in some cases also on concrete projects. We have tried both in form, presentation, taste, color, scent, and choice of ingredients to capture the spirit of the selected dutch design icons. meer…


special moment during design.matters

on november 10, 2012, we have received the management, curators and friends of the victoria & albert museum of london for the eat’inspiration design.matters?. they also invited a number of contemporary dutch designers to join them for this dinner.

to our surprise one of the invitees is marcel wanders, who is one of the five dutch design icons selected by us . we have translated his one minute sculptures as a tribute to his work.

we thought it was great that he gave some background information on his one minute sculptures. a very unexpected and special moment … for us.


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing