struck by the beauty of a red potato

while in the middle of creating some dishes for the upcoming eat’inspiration red revisited marjolein was suddenly struck by the architectural beauty of this red potato. an image to share this moment.


feb 14 – mrt 2, 2013: eet.inspiratie red revisited

ever wanted to know what it is like when the red carpet is laid out especially for you? no ….? in that case grab your chance and book the eat’inspiration red revisited.

we’ll have the warm, loving, passionate, lively, romantic and exciting side of the colour red transformed into 5 dishes. after the red carpet experience, you’ll have a date with a lady in red. thereafter we let you play with fire, and give a healthy blush. last but not least we plate up a dangerous, but romantic combination.

an eatinspiration inspired by the new romanticism which is in the air in these turbulent days, valentine’s day, warm sweaters’ day in the netherlands, and the need for  warmth at the end of the winter season.

please note: open on february 14, 2013 for valentine.


vooruitblik eerste maanden 2013

in 2013 there will be a large number of activities in our program ranging from eat’inspirations, installations, exhibitions to pop up eating specials & dining experiences, lecturers and… you will find us and / or our work a number of times abroad. england, italy and germany are already in our agenda. so … no lack of variety.

in september 2013 de culinaire werkplaats celebrates its 5th anniversary. therefore during this “jubilee” year we let pass all our most favorite themes, but of course from a new perspective.

a sneak peek what kind of eatinspirations to expect until july: meer…


ever considered your dress to be a dessert?


(click on image to enlarge).

during amsterdam fashion weekend in january 2013, we displayed in the lobby of boutique hotel JL No. 76, one of the four vondel hotels, a conceptual cradle to cradle wedding dress made of rhubarb fabric. the dress is edible and the ingredients are organic and locally produced.

this installation focusses on the relationship between food & fashion & identity. our motto is food equals fashion and this installation is an investigation of the premiss: food = fashion.

the conceptual dress is part of the project taste the unwearables revisited, one of our many projects in which food and fashion meet. it is food for thought, so to speak. the installation addresses the future of food & fashion. it’s about the concept of temporality in general and in fashion. the project is alluding simultaneously the fragility of the ecosystem.

we are still working on the installation, and also on our investigation of the question is food fashion? this installation is also work in progress, and will be presented again to the public when it is completed. the question and the project are part of the book which we are making right now.

answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • yes, we make the edible dress installation in commission;
  • it takes about a week to make a dress;
  • the dress can not be shipped, but has to be built on location.

‘n frisse blik op groenten voor bonduelle

in the beginning of january 2013 we welcomed the team of bonduelle and their guests for a customized eat’inspiration.

bonduelle commissioned us to create -how could it be otherwise- an eat’inspiration in which vegetables are leading. the result: the eat’inspiration a fresh view on vegetables (view/look has in dutch a double meaning. this word also refers to a tin can).

we created an eat’inspiration of 5 dishes in which for vegetables in both the savourish and sweetish dishes are the main ingredients. what kind of dishes were passing by. amongst others, there was a dish which revealed the essence of one specific vegetable, another one showed the talents of the combination chocolate & shallots, and a third one how the use of old and new cooking techniques can contribute to interesting flavour combinations.

the picture above showcases one of two sweetish dishes, namely greenhouse plants, in which tomatoes are the heroes. these tomatoes were preserved by us in the summer of 2012 with a special marinade to create tomatoes with a twist: 2 times the taste of summer in one ingredient.


limited edition eat’in experiences 2013

besides the almost monthly changing eat’inspirations we make this year so-called limited edition eating experiences. in other words, eating experiences for 1 or more days, some at de culinaire werkplaats and some at another venue.

so location scouting is a priority on our agenda. at this very moment we are looking for suitable venues for the themes silence and black.

furthermore we have planned a 24 hours eating installation on the day of the architecture on 23 june this year. to our regret we could not get the requested permits, so in 2014 we get hopefully new chances.

Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing