march 8-apr 6, 2013: water, the new champagne?

water is often taken for granted, but is actually very special. water is also closely associated with the issue of scarcity and abundance. excess of water and water shortage are the inspirational perspective for the eat’inspirations water, the new champagne? a culinary adventure in 5 mouth watering dishes.

what kind of dishes will you find on your plate: a waterbomb as a sneak preview, followed by waterworks, low tide and a waterballet. we also have a piece of desert and a portion climate change. for the finishing touch we have completed this eat’inspiration with the matching cocktail “wishing well” and an aperitif “the tears of cleopatra”.

by the way, for de culinaire werkplaats water has a special meaning. in 2010 we were awarded the title best benelux vegetable restaurant 2011 with ‘n dinnerspecial of 5 water dishes, and last year we were commissioned to create 5 different waterscapes for the dutch pavilion of the world expo in south korea.

in our jubilee year we like to pay once again special attention to water being one of our most favourite inspirational concepts. march 22 it is world water day. the netherlands is hosting the international celebration of world water day. so march ideally suits for the eat’inspiration water, the new champagne. besides an eat’inspiration, we will be working in march on some small installations about water.

the practical details meer…


fancy a colourful easter?

fancy a colourful easter? in that case this post about party classics with a twist are a must read.

you’ll find hardly any recipes at our website, but twice a year we make an exception. last year we explained how you can make natural coloured & spicy easter eggs. this year we focus on the inside of the egg and surprise you with 4 different colours/tastes inspired by a real party classic from the 50-ties and 60-ties: devilled eggs.

you will find below the recipes for the following four different flavours/colours, but feel free to experiment:
  • spinach,
  • dried tomatoes,
  • curry masala,
  • and carrot.
for the vegans among us:
  • replace the egg with a boiled potato. select potatoes of which the shape looks like an egg. halve the potatoes lengthwise and cook until tender. create a small hole using a melon ball scoop.
  • these potato balls can replace the egg yolks. you can use some wallnuts as well.
  • replace yogurt by soy yogurt/cream. meer…

march 25, 2013: family.matters

on sunday, march 25, 2013, we have reveived special guests for a very special and personal moment. this time we welcomed no strangers, but family and friends for an eat’inspiration to celebrate the 90th anniversary of eric’s mother.

eric and i have really enjoyed this festive afternoon, and at certain moments it looked as if it was a family business.


beauty & care

we were commissioned by cosight paris to create a lunch’inspiration for the management of unilever beauty & care uk. due to a tight time schedule this eat’inspiration consisted of 3 instead of 5 dishes. the inspirational concept is of course beauty & caring.

we created the following dishes:

  • the essence of beauty & caring to showcase the fact that beauty is not one-dimensional, and the hero of this dish is the tomato, a product containing a lot of water (about 93%), which is excellent for your body. futhermore, eating tomatoes is great for your skin, the lycopene of it takes away the effects of air pollution and tomatoes seem to be natural sun blockers;
  • fast beauty reflects that a lot of people nowadays do not want to spend much time on eating, but also on personal care. so we created some healthy “fast” food in which the colour black is leading. black pigments contain a high percentage of antioxidants;
  • the ugly duckling. a dessert that contained amongst others green + white tea and dark chocolate. all 3 ingredients are well known for their contributions for skin care & mood.

during the lunch there were 2 presentations about skin care by mascha feoktistova (beauty blogger) and dr jetske ultee (physician).


project red revisited

in these turbulent days there is the new romanticism in the air. and this is what the eat’inspiration red revisited. is all about. but also valentine’s day, warm sweaters’ day, and the need for some warmth at the end of the winter season delivered a lot of input for some new creations.

we have transformed the warm, loving, passionate, lively, romantic and exciting side of the colour red into 5 dishes. the eat’inspiration starts with a red carpet experience, a dish in which we connected the 2 different meanings of the notion red carpet. this dish was followed by a date with the lady in red, we played with matches to create the dish light my fire. hereafter we plated up a dangerous liaison, a dangerous but romantic taste combination for adults only, and we finished with a healthy blush. meer…


newsbites maart 2013

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Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing