sept 27 – oct 31, 2013: just in time

poster of eat'inspiration just in time by de culinaire werkplaats amsterdam

(prolonged until november 2nd, 2013)

experiencing an eternal lack of time? always meeting your deadlines at the last minute? does time always trouble you, even in the kitchen?  in that case the eat’inspiration just in time is certainly a must-do for you.

food and time are linked in very many ways. time is a huge inspirational source. on friday september 27, 2013 you can enjoy the kick off of just in time, the 1st eat’inspiration of the triptych TIMEjust in time is for the both of us a personal theme. as most of the time eric starts to create the menu …. at the last minute and puts marjolein’s agenda regularly under a lot of pressure. just in time is not only a way of organizing things, but it is a social theme as well. many believe it is 5 to 12, that we are running out of time. and if we do not change it might be too late for the world.

so …. the perspective of just in time is quite interesting, and therefore it is the theme of the 1st eating experience of the 3 part series TIME. we make you taste rhythm in many different ways. the dish t.time is all about experiencing the moment, about one life-one moment. thereafter you may nibble on the question: too late?. of course we’ll put something under pressure on your dinner.plate. and last but not least we introduce to you the phenomenon of clock.wise eating.

an eat’inspiration

  • consists of 5 theme based dishes: 3 times savourish and 2 times sweetish. every eat’inspiration is preceded by a sneak preview: flatbread with a topping that reveals something of the eat’inspiration.

the practical details meer…


sept 27, 2013 – march, 2014: taste time in 3 eat’inspirations

time and food are inextricably connected. mealtimes provide rhythm and structure our daily lifes. just like seasonal produce. as a pendant of fast food a while ago the concept of slow food was introduced. there is a revival of cooking techniques and methods from earlier times, but with a contemporary twist. we are also more and more interested in the future of our food. various milestones in life we ​​celebrate with food: like births, birthdays, a new job, etc.

time seems to be a scarce commodity nowadays. no time to cook is more rule than exception. most of the time we not only eat, but are at the same time multitasking. shelf life or expiration date should help us to determine if we can consume a product or not.

so, time plays an important role in the phenomenon of food and eating, and can be accessed and interpreted in various ways.

in short, it’s time to explore TIME. what can you expect from us:

  • a triptych of eat’inspirations, dining experiences in 5 dishes, interpretations of the notion time;
  • some time related specials:
    • october 20, 2013: where is my t. the launch of a new tea concept with a contemporary view on t.time during the dutch design week 2013 in eindhoven;
    • feb 14, 2014: on valentine 2014 we will be inspired the expression for better & for worse followed by the finissage, during which we showcase the highlights of our time travelling;
  • the exhibition remains of the day, the beauty of leftovers,  we will be working on the exhibition from october 15, 2013 to february 13, 2014.

sept 2013 – under armour in 5 gerechten

our kick-off commission after our summer break 2013: the creation of a brand focused dinner experience for the international marketing team of under armour, an american sportswear company.

this brand in 5 keywords:

  • performance,
  • focus,
  • underdog,
  • impact,
  • and active.

we have created multi layered interpretations of each key word/value, and we started -as all sporters do- with a warming up.

the above image reflects a free interpretation by marjolein of the dish focus.


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing