a great 2014

marjolein & eric wish you all a great, a wonderful, and healthy 2014!!! may all your dreams come true.


portfolio: eat’inspiration time flies…

the eat’inspiration time flies … (november-december 2013) is the 2nd of the 3 part series TIME, in which time is the central focus of our exploration.

time flies… in particular in 2013 time seems to be accelerating. the hours, the days, the seasons appear to fly by faster than ever before. it feels as if we started de culinaire werkplaats yesterday.  so we think it is a good moment to reflect on a number of milestones of the past 5 years. the month november and december of each year are the perfect moments to reflect. so a great opportunity to showcase some of our key milestones in 5 dishes.

but…. what are the milestones?

from our point of view not our successes, the best eat’inspirations, concepts or our best food items.  no, the key milestones are the 5 food moments and themes gave our projects a new dimension or our signatures.

so the following themes/concepts were to be found on the menu: black, food = fashion, landscapes & architecture, water, and transformation. all dishes were presented with a new twist, as time brings new insights.

by the way, ont the image the dish upside down inspired by the one of a kind perspective of the dutch fashion design couple viktor & rolf and their perfume flower bomb.


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