june 1-22, 2014: secret.matters? at w139

secret matters at w39 amsterdam the challenge. paul roos & alice moritz invited us to create some food art for the group exhibition: what do you want? your whole life in one night? focussing on love, relations and marriage in the 21st century at w139.

secret matters? is a partly edible and interactive installation that includes and reveals in various ways some possible secrets of love and relations. at the vernissage the guests could climb up the “wedding cake” – an 8 m high staircase, shaped like a wedding cake. at the top of this “wedding cake” they would find fresh red fruits, a scraper an 2 square meters of dark chocolate hiding all kinds of questions and quotes about relationships.

the participating artists. hans aarsman, joost benthem, melanie bonajo, de culinaire werkplaats, hreinn fridfinnsson, noa giniger, wendela hubrecht, wu junyong , kinga kielczynska, hannes langeder, ilse leenders, sachi miyachi, fab morvan, petra noordkamp, marcel pedragosa, eva raeder, lily van der stokker, henk visch, davor vrankic, judith witteman, jana van meerveld, sarah van sonsbeeck.

the exhibition took place at w139, warmoesstraat 139, amsterdam from june 1st – june 22, 2014.

a glimpse of the making of, the 8 m heigh staircase (wedding cake) and people enjoying/using the installation.


eat’inspiration in progress: orange, the new black????

spicy carrot soup by de culinaire werkplaats

we (marjolein & eric) have to confess that we are not so fond of watching football, but … we do like to play games.

so just like in june 2010 we will be creating an unpredictable eat’inspiration with a focus on the results of the dutch football team (or is it soccer team?). work in progress, so to speak.

after every match of the dutch team the result determines the colour(s) of a dish: orange, orange-black, or black.

see here the 1st dish inspired by the 1st match and our dutch roots: cold, spicy carrot soup, a carrot foam topping and marinated carrot ‘balls’.

we are curious what the colours of the next dishes will be.


june 21, 2014 de culinaire werkplaats @ local goods weekend market amsterdam

poster local goods market amsterdam june 21-22, 2014on june 21st you’ll find de culinaire werkplaats and a lot of other amsterdam based independent brands at the local goods weekend market of amsterdam. and we will have with us:

  • the summer collection blossoming stones: savourish and sweetish bites inspired by the japanese tea ceremony and japanese garden architecture.
  • introduction of our 1st collection bonboms: raw chocolate bonbons packed with all kinds of unexpected taste teasers.

and some other eating surprises.

de local goods weekend market amsterdam

  • what. an initiative of pakhuis de zwijger, indie brands and the platform made in amsterdam. you can buy at this market only products that are designed and made in Amsterdam: food and non-food: bicycles, clothing, sun glasses, bags, lamps, furniture and books, as well as homemade sausages, chocolate and ice cream.
  • when. june 21-22, 2014; 11.00 – 17.00 uur. de culinaire werkplaats is only present on saturday june 21st, 2014.
  • where. at de hallen (the former tram depot) in amsterdam-west.
  • more info. click at the following link and discover which independent brands you’ll find at this local goods market amsterdam.

see you soon!


june 13, 2014 opening exhibition plant power

poster expositie plant power from june 13 – july 11, 2014 you can enjoy plant power at the standup gallery in the hague. the exhibition plant power demonstrates the diversity and potential of the plant expressed in art, design and food. this exhibition is about 100% vegetal designs, animal ingredients are completely excluded.

plant power is showcasing the work of the following artists, designers and foodies: renee boute, meisje met de zaag, barro & tim, the dutch weedburger, veggie in pumps, biofutura, whitney lemasian (photo poster), denise roobol and de culinaire werkplaats.

we participate with some of our projects and/or materials: vegetable & fruit fabric, a small installation dark power, a part of our project less & more: a fashion and food forecast 2015, and more.

address: standup gallery, haagse bluf 14, 2511 cp the hague opening: june 13, 2014 17.00 – 19.00 hrs. period: june 13 – july 11, 2014. opening hours: tue-wed-fri-sat: 11-18 hrs
; thu: 11-21 hrs
; sun: 12-17 hrs.



may – june 2014: eat’in architecture

eating architecture 2014 amsterdam is a city of many faces. one way to experience the rich history, present and future of amsterdam is by it’s architecture.

in may and june 2014 we are exploring the philosophy and timeframe of various iconic buildings of amsterdam and some new initiatives that change the look & feel of the city.

in may you can have a bite of the magnificent roof of the maritime museum, eat the story behind the golden facade of byzantium, taste the lightness of the open air school, have a slice of tradition offered by the royal palace at dam square, and work out some creative spaces yourself.

in june there will be some changes. in this period you will find new types of city green and an example of contemporary architecture on your plate as well.

this eat’inspiration is only available for groups. we are in the process of changing the way we would like to share and exchange our food & eating experiences with the world.
in the 2nd half of june we will communicate what our next steps will be and when you all can visit us again. we apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

an eat’inspiration

  • consists of 5 theme based dishes: 3 times savourish and 2 times sweetish. every eat’inspiration is preceded by a sneak preview: flatbread with a topping that reveals something of the eat’inspiration.

the practical details

  • the menu. click on the following link for an example of the eat’inspiration eat’in architecture (in pdf-format)
  • period. may – june 2014
  • opening hours. in may and june 2014 only open by appointment for groups of at least 15 persons.
  • reservations required. by phone +31 (0)6 54 64 65 76 of by e-mail info@deculinairewerkplaats.nl;
  • the pricetag. if you are interested please contact us. pricetag depends on number of persons,  type of eat experience: dinner, lunch, breakfast, bites, and whether you are interested in the theme of the month or prefer a tailor made eat’inspiration.

food problems/wishes

  • we invite you to share any allergies, dietary restrictions or wishes when you book your eat’in experience. so it is possible for us to tailor our menu. it is a challenge for us to prepare something very special and inspirational for you.

choice of ingredients

  • besides taste and inspirational concept at least 2 of the following criteria also provide for our choice of ingredients, products, and suppliers: animal welfare, small-scale or organic farming, fair trade, direct trade, season, distance, and personal health.



may 19, 2014: press event nivea colour & protect

fresh colours, press lunch nivea

we love colours, and in the past few years we did a lot of projects in which colours are our starting point.

on may 19th we got a new opportunity.

the press launch of colour & protect, a new hair care line, was held at our design studio. especially for the invited press we have created a colourful lunch eat’inspiration that focusses on colour and the beneficial aspects of colour.


may 11, 2014: lunch landscape for diesel day

diesel day lunch landscape

for diesel day we have created an edible landscape for lunch. we were invited for this commission by vice, organiser of this production.

the challenge: lunch; 240 people; four flags: switzerland, austria, germany and benelux, which are the countries of origin of the diesel day participants; and eyecandy.

the result: a 10-meters landscape, the heights of the landscape correspond to the heights of the various countries. the various colours of the flags determined the selection of fruits and vegetables. the stones refer to stone-washed jeans. in other words, food = fashion.


Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing