sept 2014 – feb 2015 – dutch icons revisited


are you ready to experience so-called dutch icons in a novel way? we hardly can wait to introduce and share our upcoming dutch adventure.
from september 2014 until february 2015 most of our food, art + design activities will focus on exploring the dutch dna by re-visiting all kinds of dutch icons.

in this ongoing project we let us inspire by a great variety of dutch themes, like dutch masterpieces, dutch architecture and landscapes, dutch fashion, dutch design, dutch skies, dutch news, etc., etc.

from a novel perspective we will be re-interpreting these themes to eat’inspirations, food narratives, eating experiences at the cross roads of food, art and design resulting in a unique, abstract view on holland.

our first project will be the eat’inspiration anything but flat? in which we explore how flat is the netherlands. our inspirational theme will be dutch landscapes.

in november 2014 we will start exploring all sorts of dutch masters and their masterpieces, in other words we will be in search of excellence.

in february and march 2015 we will run the eat’inspiration dutch treats? which is about freedom of speech in the netherlands. this search is inspired by what happened at charlie hebdo in paris in january 2015.


wake up: the versatility of the exotic coffee bean – a 1st exploration.

costa rica; eat'inspiration wake up by de culinaire werkplaats

all around the world coffee bars are popping up, even in countries where people traditionally drink tea. and… the phenomenon coffee to go did change street life forever.

the challenge. coffee seems so popular, that it is quite interesting to find out what you can do more with it besides brewing and drinking coffee. so we selected 5 coffee beans, all single origins, coming from 5 different countries: brazil, ethiopia, sumatra, guatamala and costa rica. the most popular ingredients available in those countries inspired us to 5 different dishes. in each dish we used coffee in at least one or two different ways. click on this link for the menu of the eat’inspiration wake up.

the result. the eat’inspiration wake up was much to our surprise an unexpectedly huge success. some people were really fascinated by the tomatoes marinated in coffee. furthermore wake up resulted 4 new products: wake up pearls, a marinade ‘the kick inside’, coffee paper, and last but not least we added a new flavour (sumatra coffee) to our collection the breakables.

what did we learn. allthough coffee seems to be extremely popular all around the world we discovered that

  • a lot of people do not like coffee for various reasons. we received a lot of e-mails from people suffering from some kind of caffeine anxiety or problem. for those people we created a decaf version.
  • and we discovered that many people do not like the taste of coffee, and especially refer to the bitterness. but … the most open minded came to experience this eat’inspiration and they all explained afterwards that they enjoyed the taste of the various culinary applications of coffee, very much to their own surprise. so …. we think we can conclude that drinking coffee and using coffee in all kinds of other ways reveals different taste sensations.



september 11, 2014: critical forum massey university new zealand

we are invited to participate in the postgraduate lecture and seminar series Critical Forum in the College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

the Critical Forum seeks to address salient and provocative issues in art and design with an emphasis on roundtable presentation and discussion.

on september 11, 2014, during breakfast we will not only exchanging ideas, thoughts, and perspectives on art, design & food, but sharing a virtual meal as well with the audience in new zealand.

for this occasion we will be creating a special breakfast. more details will follow in the 2nd half of august.

flyer critical forum massey university



Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

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