april-may 2015: taste the dutch golden age in 2015.

the dutch golden age poster

ever wanted to taste a painting by rembrandt van rijn? or experience the tulip mania, which was the first speculative bubble ever? or check out the influence of spices, coffee, tea, chocolate and other trophees from the worldwide seatrips and colonies on the dutch cuisine? or nible on the amsterdam canal district?

all part of the dutch golden age,  a period of great change in both dutch and world history, roughly spanning the 17th century, in which dutch trade, science, military, and art were blooming.

we have selected 5 important topics of the dutch golden age showcasing the importance of this era. in other words, we offer you to meet art, science and spirituality in a changing economy in 5 dishes in 2015.

an eat’inspiration.

an eat’inspiration is a theme based journey in 5 courses: 3 times savourish and 2 times sweetish. always preceded by a sneak peak: a house made flatbread with a topping or dip that reveals something about the theme we are exploring.

the practical details + the menu.

  • the menu. click on the following link for an impression of the menu and an indication of its main ingredients: menu eat’inspiration the dutch golden age in pdf.
  • the cocktail. “shot” and  the aperitif. (non alcoholic) “green dragon”.
  • period. from april 3 – may 30, 2015 ;
  • opening.hours. fridays & saturdays only, 18.30-23.00 hrs. we take reservations from 18.30 to 20.30 hrs. outside opening hours only open by appointment for groups of at least 20 persons;
  • reservations required. to avoid disappointments (limited seatings), by e-mail info@deculinairewerkplaats.nl or by phone +31 (0)6 54 64 65 76, or online;
  • the price tag. you decide afterwards what a fair price is for the eating experience at de culinaire werkplaats.

food problems/wishes

we invite you to share any allergies, dietary restrictions or wishes when you book your eat’in experience. it is possible for us to tailor our set menu, but please inform us a few days in advance.

choice of ingredients

besides taste and inspirational concept at least 2 of the following criteria also provide for our choice of ingredients, products, and suppliers: animal welfare, small-scale or organic farming, fair trade, direct trade, season, distance, and personal health.



theme based blossoming stones 2015

blossoming stones 2015

since the launch event of our blossoming stones during the dutch design week 2013 we have created a variety of seasonal collections, also in commission.

at this very moment we are creating a number of limited editions around various themes. each theme based blossoming stones collection will consist of approximately 5 bites.

the first inspirational themes will be: water, some dutch masters (like vincent van gogh and rembrandt van rijn), architecture, fashion and dutch design.

the first collection will be launched in the second half of june.



still life of potatoes wrapped in clay – stilleven aardappelen in klei

potatoes inspired by van gogh.

still life with marinated black potatoes (vitelotte noir) wrapped in clay inspired by the works and life of vincent van gogh.


portfolio: dutch treats??

dish of eat'inspiration dutch treats?

dutch treats??? is the 3rd eat’inspiration of our overall project dutch icons revisited, and is inspired by what happened at charlie hebdo in paris in january this year.

all of a sudden freedom of speech and tolerance became talk of the town.

the netherlands used to be well known all over the world for these notions. since the dutch golden age this country attracts all kinds of free spirits. but… times are changing, and also in the netherlands the climate is changing the last decades.

with dutch treats??? we explore in a rather playful way how we deal with freedom of speech and tolerance in the netherlands at this very moment.

therefore, we have selected 5 typical dutch issues that showcase the present dialogue or status on several sensitive matters.

the 5 dutch issues we addressed with our dishes were:

  • the black pete discussion. which since november 2014 has split up our country into two opponent parties.
  • tolerating. refers to the laws where the government looks away and depending the political climate the gray area is huge or small
  • pillarisation. showcasing the multi party system in the netherlands (about 16 political parties in parliament, and about 80 in the whole country), and since we ended this theme a few parties are added again.
  • canal parade. illustrating that the netherlands was the 1st country where the gay marriage was legalised
  • act normal. this is an important virtue in the netherlands, you should always remain the boy or girl from next door even though you are extremely successful or have special talents.

as we always receive a lot of guests from abroad, we had some very interesting conversations and insights how other countries deal with these -ad randomly selected- sensitive topics……


april 2015: press launch H&M conscious collection 2015

food installation for press launch h & m conscious collection 2015


in april 2015 H&M presented the conscious collection 2015 (limited edition) during a seminar about sustainability & fashion industry in amsterdam. studio de culinaire werkplaats was invited to create a conceptual edible installation that captures the essence of this special collection.

the brief.

  • keywords collection. edgy mix of african and japanese influences, multi-layered, pearls, beads, threads, grafical, chique/stylish/exclusive, texture, modest, sustainable, recycle, artisanal.
  • colour moods of the collectionblack-white, beige-vivid red, and grey – green.

the installation.

  • presentation. the 3 moods are presented separately. the bites are served at empty oyster shells. this refers to re-cycle, multi-layered, and the colours of the shells reflect an important part of the collection.
  • shape.
    • the shape of the bites is inspired by the bites served during a japanese tea ceremony (wagashi) reflecting craftsmanship which is highly respected in japan, the attention for food, minimalism, and the combination of tradition and innovation.
    • main shapes: spheres and blocks.
  • taste. all bites have african tastes. so in shape & taste japan meets africa.
  • growing paper. the ingredients per bite are written on cards made of growing paper. so after the event the cards have been planted into soil.



april 2015: urban jungle for diesel

diesel II perslaunch f:w 2015

in april 2015 diesel launched its fall/winter main collection 2015. studio de culinaire werkplaats was invited to create an edible conceptual interpretation of the collection for the invited press.

the brief.  

  • main themes f/w 2015 : military + rock.
  • keywords:
    • urban jungle, wearable cool, innovation, material research, mixed textures, craftsmanship, high-end, vintage
    • re-interpretation of the main themes (military & rock) from a lighthearted, personal approach/perspective
    • accents in vibrant colours
    • mix and match in opposite textures, colour, pattern, style

the result.

  • presentation
    • an impression of an urban jungle as starting point for the installation.
    • used materials for the urban jungle: grey stones/tiles in combination with moss and micro greens.
  • inspirationfor the bites(14 different types)
    • “classics” with a twist to capture the essence of the re-interpretation of the main themes
    • lighthearted approach on military, vintage, etc. camouflage-inspired bites, etc.
    • innovation, material research. combinations of  textures through contemporary preparation techniques
    • mix and match. the invitation to combine/explore apparent opposites within the collection and themes in a personal way
    • vibrant colour accents – faux fur. a few bites have a different, unexpected, vibrant colour
    • the collection consists of apparent opposites. reflected by various opposite tastes and combinations.

this is the 2nd collaboration between diesel and studio de culinaire werkplaats. last year we created an edible landscape of 10 meters for diesel.


tea event by max havelaar

sukurtala, tea picker in ceylon & floortje dessing ambassador of max havelaar

on march 29, 2015 max havelaar welcomed a group of bloggers to make them experience the story of fair share in the context of tea. this event took place at studio de culinaire werkplaats.

the versatility of tea was explored during the programme.

  • a meet & greet with sukurtala, a tea picker from shri lanka,
  • a workshop with a tea-sommelier
  • introduction of and by clipper tea (organic + fair trade)
  • workshop showcasing the culinaire qualities of tea by studio de culinaire werkplaats
  • and the result of the workshop: a lunch in which tea is used in a culinary way together with some tea cocktails.
  • a meet & greet with floortje dessing, who is ambassador of max havelaar in the netherlands.



Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing