portfolio 2016: eat’inspiration dutch masters

for the eat’inspiration dutch masters 2016 we have created a 5 and 7 course menu.
one of the seven selected dutch masters on the menu is our most famous dutch golden age painter: rembrandt van rijn.

inspirational source: 

  • the pendant wedding portraits of marten soolmans and oopjen coppit by rembrandt van rijn.



dish inspired by rembrandt van rijn

in short, the story:

  • the portraits were painted upon the occasion of the wedding of marten soolmans and oopjen coppit in 1634;
  • the subjects were painted individually, however, the portraits have been kept together since their inception;
  • the pendant wedding portraits were formerly owned by the rothschild family;
  • and they became jointly owned by the louvre museum paris and rijksmuseum amsterdam;
  • one important condition: the paintings should always travel and exhibit together.


  • it is about a marriage between two different personalities, and the present ownership is a kind of marriage between france and the netherlands;
  • 2 people: 2x en papillote with different fillings consisting of dutch and french ingredients become one dish by mixing the content of both parcels;
  • the parcels are connected by the infinity symbol: symbol for eternal life and the interaction of opposing powers.

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Sometime next year we will be publishing a book about this unique place.

 eric meursing