fashion + food forecast 2015: less & more

ever since july 2009 marjolein creates during fashion week amsterdam (FWA) forecasts for both fashion fabrics and food and to celebrate her motto: ‘food equals fashion’.

for the 20th edition of AFW she takes the trends of the eat’inspiration sign of the times: taste the new luxury in 5 dishes as starting point. the notions water, stones, pearls, essence and transparancy showcase not only the new richness as a dish in the eat’inspiration sign of the times. at the same time these concepts put the spotlights on the new luxuries in several other areas of life.

the forecast for fashion fabrics winter 2014/2015 is labeled: less + more.


  • trend: will water be the new champagne? will we celebrate in the near future special moments in life by raising glasses of water?? clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce due to the production of meat and fashion fabrics;
  • fashion: (colours)water tones and water colour hues; (texture) fluid materials with tactile drops/bubbles or traces of residual high water; new production methods like recycled materials; (silhouette) wavy/flowing like water with lots of layers from dark to light, in the shape and/or produced as recycled water bottles;
  • food: more vegetal ingredients in all kinds of new shapes and textures, no daily meat, nose to tail eating also with plants, more sophisticated techniques and textures in preparations in which vegetables, fruits and grains are leading.


  • trend. the social media like twitter and facebook distract us so much that we are loosing our ability to live in the present. in this respect conscious silence (mindfulness), and to focus on the present will become a rare ability;
  • fashion: (colours) grays and whites with bright accents, (texture) layered, veined, smooth; understated, organically; (silhouette + accessories) japanese kimono revisited, handicraft, unique fabrics;
  • food: inspired by japanese cuisine and handicraft, small pieces of edible art, no large quantities, unique seasonal, artinasal food items.


  • trend: every era has its own view on juwelry, we found this in black pearls, and discovered the colourful world of black
  • fashion: (colour) mother of pearl; (texture) layered and smooth, metallic fabrics or patchwork of different textures; (silhouette): pearl shaped, layered, unfinished;
  • food: colourful foods and ingredients, but as dark as possible.


  • trend: due to globalization there is less and less variation in the world. to expres and focus on the essence and uniqueness of a person, an organization, a city could be enriching and make people, organizations and cities less one-dimensional.
  • fashion: (texture) mono with many different textures, one colour gradient; (silhouette): clear cut, no frills (e.g. a-line) all details and accessories out of the same fabric (belt, buttons, necklace, handbag, shoes, etc); (colour) natural shades and odorous substances;
  • food: no blends, fragrant food (bouquet of food), food with many different textures using just a few ingrediënts.


  • trend: scandals and hidden agendas dominate at various levels. the current review culture on the internet and quality marks make us believe the world is open and transparent, but are just a substitute for real openness and simplicity. transparency will be one of the future new luxuries;
  • fashion: diy, local fashion, unfinished, visible layers & seams; open transparent pockets, bags, sleeves, etc.;emotions become visible, label with production data on the outside, recycled plastics for details, type of transparent fabrics; (silhouetten): fluid, body completely covered but showcasing limbs and body clearly AND your emotions and networks, in other words anything ‘in’visible is visible; (colours) clear, bright colours or earthy tones with transparent & smooth textures.
  • food: diy, home made food services (locally sourced and produced food), transparent packaging, apps to get all data about your dish/ingredient, more than nutritional and origin), more data accessible for consumer.

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eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef