our first inspirational concept & signature: black

black corn by marjolein wintjes of studio de culinaire werkplaats

in 2008 we participated in the food truck festival ‘rollende keukens’. this was the first public food performance of de culinaire werkplaats. for this special occasion we wanted to present ourselves with a special theme. and….. this we found in ‘black’.

‘the hidden talents of black’ was our first inspirational concept, and black has become a kind of a signature theme for de culinaire werkplaats.

black, the meaning. black food can be interpreted in many ways. most people associate black food or ingredients with ‘burned food’. in daily life black has not always a positive connotation: black humor, black magic, black is synonym for death, et cetera.

black, the colour. 100% black only exists in theory. in daily life we see various blacks: blueish black, purple black, brownish black. These different kind of blacks you see also on your plate. Blueish black you find for instance at certain types of corn,  some potatoes are purplish black and a lot of mushrooms are brownish black.

a glimpse of our black.list. black sesame seed, black onion seed, black bell peppers, black millet, black barley, black mustard seed, black basil, black beans, black soya beans, black chickpeas, black seaweed, black mushrooms (e.g. trompettes de la mort), black carrots, black tomatoes, black olives, black peppers, and so on……

black.collection. we have developed a black eat.collection. every dish, bite, or ready-to-eat product contains at least one black ingredient. it are all vegetal ingredients, and black by nature. we do not colour ingredients with non vegetal products like squid ink. black favorites in the category savourish are for instance black sesame pesto, black marinated olives in dark chocolate, black spring rolls, black papadums, black quinoa croquettes.

black, the hidden talents:

  • decoration: for instance garnish black rice with a colourful flower such as orange violets;
  • health: the pigments of black ingredients contain a lot of antioxidants;
  • the huge amount of black ingredients that exist!!!

black as inspirational concept: how long? allthough black tastes for more …….. after 6 months we decided to change to another theme and explore the world of food & eating from other inspirational perspectives. but…….. black is and will remain the leitmotiv despite other exciting themes and inspirational concepts.

black revisited. ever since we have revisited black in many different projects.

  • green, the new black, referring to the sustainability trend both visible in the food & fashion industry;
  • orange, the new black during the worldcup 2010 & 2014;
  • honest & super honest black as successor of the eat’inspirations ‘spoons full of honesty #01’;
  • as tribute to the little black dress in the eat’inspiration ‘wear or where to eat...’ 2010,
  • the transformation of black into red for the food & beverage concept of  ‘drive to another beat’ the launch event of bentley in shanghai 2012;
  • etc., etc.

the sound of black. this is a project in which we illustrated the frame of reference of studio de culinaire werkplaats by using black ingrediënts & sounds.

tribute to vitelotte noir. one of our most favourite potatoes.


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