june-july 2014: exhibition plant power

a forest apple found in amsterdam, part of the project 'the beauty of ageing'

a forest apple found in amsterdam, part of the project ‘the beauty of ageing’

exhibition plant power. 

  • de culinaire werkplaats was invited by standup gallery the hague to participate in the group exhibition plant power (june 13 – july 11, 2014).
  • the exhibition was about demonstrating the diversity and potential of the plant expressed in art, design and food.

contribution by de culinaire werkplaats.

  • a remake of dark powers, a project about the hidden talents of dark chocolate.
  • mourning bread rolls for nadia, an example of marjolein’s emotion.bread.
  • a selection of marjolein’s photography projects (60 cm x 40 cm) showcasing three ongoing projects:
    • give peas a chance #03, a call for more peas, beans and lentils on a plate
    • the beauty of ageing, revealing how beautiful and inspiring the process of ageing can be
    • onion powera project demonstrating the versatility of the humble onion (in cooking, for your health, and as a natural dye)
  • and some samples of fruit & vegetable paper.


  • besides projects by de culinaire werkplaats plant power exhibited the work of renee boute, meisje met de zaag, barro & tim, the dutch weedburger, veggie in pumps, biofutura, whitney lemasian, and denise roobol.

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