ongoing project: give peas a chance #03

give peas a chance is a ongoing project by de culinaire werkplaats, it is a call for more vegetables on our dinner plates, and especially more peas, beans and lentils.

this project had its kick-off in 2010 at rollende keukens, a festival for mobile kitchens and food trucks. the ingredients at that time: an army tank, a sound system playing the song ‘give peace a chance’ by john lennon, and great comforting green peas soup.

part of this project is a photography project by marjolein as well, illustrating the plant power of peas, beans and lentils. hereafter a small selection of this photo series.

green peas sprout (project give peas a chance)

green pea sprout (project give peas a chance)

chickpea sprouting (project: give peas a chance)

a sprouting chickpea (project: give peas a chance)

a field pea (project: give peas a chance)

a field pea (project: give peas a chance)


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