exploring ‘how flat is the netherlands’

waddensea area


the eat’inspiratie anything but flat? has its focus on the question “how is flat is the netherlands?”. so we have selected randomly five iconic dutch landscapes of which we created edible impressions:

  • wadden sea area. in this area water, salt, sand, air and foam come together. for us the opportunity to showcase all kinds of dutch sea vegetables.
  • heathland (drenthe area). in this dish we merge the beautiful heath landscape with the peasant life as depicted in the early paintings by van gogh, bartje’s famous words “i do not pray for brown beans’ in a well known dutch book for children, and the era of the dolmens.
  • arable landscape. the netherlands is a country of growers and farmers. so in our opinion an arable landscape can not be missed out, so we created a landscape on which dutch root vegetables flourish.
  • the hilly landscape of limburg. this eat’impression is guided by a combination of elements, both present and past: coal mining, viniculture, beer and loess (limburg clay with a typical yellow-red color).
  • urban landscape. in the netherlands the amount of nature is decreasing and cities are claiming more and more space. in large cities one can spot significant changes in the street view. one of these changes has inspired us to a dish, a dish with a wink.

the question ‘how flat is the netherlands’ has yielded many interesting discussions. the 5 eat’impressions turned out to be a helpful approach to create a more nuanced view of dutch landscapes.

now we are in the process of visualising the result of the central question ‘how flat is the netherlands’ for the exhibition “dutch icons revisited.


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