nov 23, 2014: chocomania @ SLA zuidas

chocolab chocomania @ sla zuidas amsterdam

we were invited by nina pierson, co-founder SLA (a chain of contemporary salad bars in amsterdam) to participate in the SLA lab programme. for which we created chocomania, a chocolab, in which pure & raw chocolate have the centerstage.

on a sunny sunday afternoon, november 23rd to be more precise, we hit the road for SLA zuidas amsterdam. at the very moment we were ready with all the preparations the enthousiastic participants for chocomania began to trickle in.

as a chocolate bar does not find its way to the shop shelves by itself we kicked off with the story of ‘from flower on a cacao tree to chocolate bar‘. after the introduction we invited the participants to a tasting of 5 different pure and raw chocolates, which they could score using chocolate tasting forms. it was great to exchange all kinds of thoughts & opinions.
hereafter we continued with another kind of tasting, a tasting of textures and combinations, and a demo of tempering chocolate, and some other contemporary techniques. chocomania did end with assembling & tasting a vegetable/chocolate dish.

we enjoyed the interesting questions, the discussions during the various tastings and demo.


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