portfolio: exploring the versatility of freekeh for artisan grains.

freekeh bonbons created by de culinaire werkplaats.

commissioned by artisan grains, we had a demonstration to showcase the versatility of the green wheat freekeh for a group of food bloggers.

freekeh is a green wheat. this is a cereal grain being harvested at the time when it is still young and green. freekeh therefore has a higher nutritional value compared to regular wheat grains. after harvesting the grains are lightly roasted, which gives a unique nutty and slightly smoky flavour. freekeh contains quite a lot of minerals, vitamins and proteins. furthermore, it has a very nice texture and bite.
cooking time is about 15 minutes.

the challenge. work out several dishes:

  • to illustrate the versatility of the greenwheat freekeh
  • and which are easy to make at home

the demonstration. we created a lot of dishes. of which we selected the following for the artisan grains’ greenwheat freekeh demonstration:

  • mocktail with strawberries and freekeh
  • freekeh buns with hummus.
  • savoury and sweet freekeh croquettes
  • nasi goreng of freekeh
  • bonbons with a filling of freekeh and red fruits
  • granola freekeh – dark chocolate bar.

recipes. will be published 2nd half of march, and will only be available in dutch.

the freekeh demonstration was in collaboration with pr specialist kroon op het werk.


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