tv series on dutch design

on october 18th, 2014, a series of four films on dutch design premiered at tv channel culture. the documentary is created by the moscow design museum together with “museum” company and tv channel culture.

the following 4 episodes were broadcasted at tv culture:

  • traditions and modernity
  • experiment in design
  • design for society and government
  • design and the environment

showcasing the leading museums and design studios in amsterdam, the hague and eindhoven, and interviews with irma boom, maarten baas, kiki & joost, jurgen bey, marcel wanders, daan roosegaarde, iris van herpen and many others.

studio de culinaire werkplaats was part in this project.
you’ll find a report about our work at the end of the 3rd video  ‘design for society and government’  at 21:37 minutes.

earlier in 2014 marjolein and eric were invited by the moscow design museum for a lecture on the new luxuries of the dinner plate of the future and to present their eat’inspiration sign of the times (taste the new luxuries in 5 courses) which they especially created for this occasion and was presented to a selected group of museum directors and journalists.


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