dutch quinoa

artvertisement dutch quinoa group

invited by PUP MAG. studio de culinaire werkplaats was involved in the concept & styling process of the artvertisement for the dutch quinoa group. we teamed up with nine ijff (photography), maaike beijer (make up), tommy hagen (hair styling) and vera van erp (model).

the dutch quinoa group is a collective that celebrates healthy food and dutch agriculture. and …. we want to join this party. let’s feast with their locally grown quinoa, a whole grain treat.

furthermore, we got the opportunity to experiment and explore the unique qualities of this dutch whole grain quinoa. for the launch party of the limited edition of PUP MAGAZINE #03 we created some fabulous vegan dutch quinoa croquettes with a spicy spinach dip. we choose spinach for this dip, as quinoa and spinach are close relatives.



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