portfolio: frame food experience #01 is life like a box of chocolates?

frame food experience: is life like a box of chocolates


have you ever wanted to experience life in bites? or taste what life has in store? these and other questions we addressed during the 1st frame food experience: is life like a box of chocolates?

upon entering, each guest received a welcome drink and a theme inspired appetiser to begin the journey along the 5 highlights of life. the special moments that we translated into 5 eat’impressions were:

  • kick off: an edible landscape which interpreted the start in life, of a person,  a business, or a relationship
  • meet + greet: a start involves entering the big world while meeting & greeting with other people, companies, cultures, etc. this was illustrated by one ingredient prepared in 5 different ways reflecting its various talents/aspects)
  • connect: during the meets & greets in life you will connect with others. you will find a partner, a business partner, in other words all kinds of mergers take place. relating with others involves a lot of labour, it is hard work. so the participants received a blueprint, and several components and had to create DIY swans. the swan is, by the way, symbol for a lifelong relationship.
  • split up: but… in life not all relationships last for ever. this was showcased by a de-constructed apple crumble pie and we offered a hammer to the guest that wanted to break out of a relationship, a job situation or whatsoever to create the crumble.
  • afterparty: split ups create new openings, new stages in life, so we created in front of the guest an edible multi coloured piece of art to celebrate this new stage. this piece of art was eaten without plates & cutlery.

we created this 2 days only interactive food experience on invitation by in collaboration with frame store amsterdam. and it was inspired by the works of anna lomax and her project ‘event now‘ for frame magazine’s issue 102 in particular. the notion ‘events’ refers for anna lomax to celebrate the big moments in life: life and death. and therefore we took the 5 highlights of life as a starting point.

during the food experience the guests could visit the exhibition of anna lomax and the frame store.


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