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dutch treats??? is the 3rd eat’inspiration of our overall project dutch icons revisited, and is inspired by what happened at charlie hebdo in paris in january this year.

all of a sudden freedom of speech and tolerance became talk of the town.

the netherlands used to be well known all over the world for these notions. since the dutch golden age this country attracts all kinds of free spirits. but… times are changing, and also in the netherlands the climate is changing the last decades.

with dutch treats??? we explore in a rather playful way how we deal with freedom of speech and tolerance in the netherlands at this very moment.

therefore, we have selected 5 typical dutch issues that showcase the present dialogue or status on several sensitive matters.

the 5 dutch issues we addressed with our dishes were:

  • the black pete discussion. which since november 2014 has split up our country into two opponent parties.
  • tolerating. refers to the laws where the government looks away and depending the political climate the gray area is huge or small
  • pillarisation. showcasing the multi party system in the netherlands (about 16 political parties in parliament, and about 80 in the whole country), and since we ended this theme a few parties are added again.
  • canal parade. illustrating that the netherlands was the 1st country where the gay marriage was legalised
  • act normal. this is an important virtue in the netherlands, you should always remain the boy or girl from next door even though you are extremely successful or have special talents.

as we always receive a lot of guests from abroad, we had some very interesting conversations and insights how other countries deal with these -ad randomly selected- sensitive topics……


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