april 2015: urban jungle for diesel

diesel II perslaunch f:w 2015

in april 2015 diesel launched its fall/winter main collection 2015. studio de culinaire werkplaats was invited to create an edible conceptual interpretation of the collection for the invited press.

the brief.  

  • main themes f/w 2015 : military + rock.
  • keywords:
    • urban jungle, wearable cool, innovation, material research, mixed textures, craftsmanship, high-end, vintage
    • re-interpretation of the main themes (military & rock) from a lighthearted, personal approach/perspective
    • accents in vibrant colours
    • mix and match in opposite textures, colour, pattern, style

the result.

  • presentation
    • an impression of an urban jungle as starting point for the installation.
    • used materials for the urban jungle: grey stones/tiles in combination with moss and micro greens.
  • inspirationfor the bites(14 different types)
    • “classics” with a twist to capture the essence of the re-interpretation of the main themes
    • lighthearted approach on military, vintage, etc. camouflage-inspired bites, etc.
    • innovation, material research. combinations of  textures through contemporary preparation techniques
    • mix and match. the invitation to combine/explore apparent opposites within the collection and themes in a personal way
    • vibrant colour accents – faux fur. a few bites have a different, unexpected, vibrant colour
    • the collection consists of apparent opposites. reflected by various opposite tastes and combinations.

this is the 2nd collaboration between diesel and studio de culinaire werkplaats. last year we created an edible landscape of 10 meters for diesel.


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