april 2015: press launch H&M conscious collection 2015

food installation for press launch h & m conscious collection 2015


in april 2015 H&M presented the conscious collection 2015 (limited edition) during a seminar about sustainability & fashion industry in amsterdam. studio de culinaire werkplaats was invited to create a conceptual edible installation that captures the essence of this special collection.

the brief.

  • keywords collection. edgy mix of african and japanese influences, multi-layered, pearls, beads, threads, grafical, chique/stylish/exclusive, texture, modest, sustainable, recycle, artisanal.
  • colour moods of the collectionblack-white, beige-vivid red, and grey – green.

the installation.

  • presentation. the 3 moods are presented separately. the bites are served at empty oyster shells. this refers to re-cycle, multi-layered, and the colours of the shells reflect an important part of the collection.
  • shape.
    • the shape of the bites is inspired by the bites served during a japanese tea ceremony (wagashi) reflecting craftsmanship which is highly respected in japan, the attention for food, minimalism, and the combination of tradition and innovation.
    • main shapes: spheres and blocks.
  • taste. all bites have african tastes. so in shape & taste japan meets africa.
  • growing paper. the ingredients per bite are written on cards made of growing paper. so after the event the cards have been planted into soil.



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