lazy sunday afternoon tastings, experiments and demos, also in 2017

last year we introduced lazy sunday afternoon tastings + experiments + demos.

in 2017 we offer you again the opportunity to become in a very playfull way ridiculously well-informed about a star ingredient during one “lazy” afternoon.

to get in the mood you can listen to the well known song lazy sunday afternoon (1968) by the small faces, while reading this post.

the components

  • 2,5 hours of your precious time
  • all your senses
  • 1 star ingredient
  • a short story from flower to … 
  • a tasting of various types and qualities of the afternoon star ingredient
  • a few life demos showcasing contemporary applications and combinations
  • a piece of edible art to experience and explore various food pairings, texture combinations and new ways of eating all by yourself and/or together
  • and last but not least a (non)alcoholic drink that has the potential to create a match-made-in-heaven with this particular ingredient


  • pricetag: € 37,50
  • reservations required as we have only a few spots available.

lazy sunday afternoon in 2017

  • chocomania
    • feb 26, 2017
    • march 26, 2017



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