dec 25, 2015: x-mas eating special experience the new luxuries

flyer xmas eating special

time flies …. and before you know it it’s almost xmas again.

however, this year we ourselves do not drive home for xmas. this year we will decorate our studio, create a playlist of our favorite (xmas) songs, and ….. we invite you to join us for a one day only xmas special where we make you experience some of the new luxuries with all your senses.

we will introduce you to less + more. you can toast with the new champagne, reflect a moment on the little things of life, enjoy dressing up with some gems of the future, discover the versatility of the essence of life, and we wonder who will seize the opportunity to create with one big bang a fresh but comforting start.

an eatinspiration 

  • is a themebased eating experience for all your senses in 5 courses with occasionally an interactive moment.
  • consists of 3 savourish and 2 sweetish courses.
  • is preceded by a sneak peek, some homemade flatbread with a theme inspired topping.

the practical details 

  • menu. 
  • one day only.
    • december 25, 2015
  • start time.
    •  7.30 – 8.00 p.m. we welcome you with cocktails + bites
    • 8.00 p.m. marjolein will introduce the xmas eating experience and explain what to expect during the evening of the eat’inspiration driving home for xmas. and hereafter we will start
    • we start the evening together, but you will experience the eating special within your own party.
  • reservations only. 
    • reservation requests by e-mail and be so kind to mention in the subject line xmas special
    • from november 25, 2015 it is possible to send reservation request using our online booking manager (our online booking manager is only available in dutch language only).
    • if you have any questions or need additional information you can contact us by phone: +31 (0) 6 54 64 65 76
  • price tag for this 1 day only arrangement.
    •  € 59,50 per person, payment in advance.
    • this 1 day only arrangement includes welcome cocktail less or more + amuse, a 5 course eating experience plus a sneak peek, coffee or tea with a selection of our collection choco twisters, and unlimited tapwater. additional drinks or drinking arrangements are excluded. 
    • we send you payment instructions after receiving your request for reservation.
  • payment.
    • we take credit cards (masters/visa), dutch bank cards/pin, and cash.

food problems/dietary wishes

  • we invite you to share any allergies, dietary restrictions or wishes at least 1 days in advance. so it is possible for us to tailor our menu.

choice of ingredients

  • besides taste and inspirational concept at least 2 of the following criteria also provide for our choice of ingredients, products, and suppliers: animal welfare, small-scale or organic farming, fair trade, direct trade, season, distance, and personal health.

Thank you for visiting us!

Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef