portfolio: discover 5 new paintings by van gogh in amsterdam

van gogh a la japonnais

after the summerbreak 2015 we started with the eat’inspiration van gogh, his contemporaries and influencers. this eat’inspiration consists of 5 eating experiences through which we made you discover and explore the works and life of van gogh.

the first 3 experiences are savourish and inspired by the 3 periods you can distinguish in the works of vincent van gogh.

  • the 1st interactive experience refers to the period van gogh is creating paintings in the netherlands and we used the painting woman lifting potatoes as our inspirational source. in this dish marinated root vegetables wrapped in clay, baked and topped off with mustard lettuce are the heroes.
  • the 2nd experience is van gogh à la japonnais and  a reflection of the period that van gogh lived in paris, where he started to experiment with colours. one way of doing that was by making freestyle copies of japanese imprints;
  • the 3rd experience a freestyle flower arrangement with a special fragrance representing the period van gogh is living in the provence. it is a tribute to the period he settled down in the yellow house in arle where he wanted to start an artists community. here he painted quite a number of still lives many of which showcasing vases with flowers.

the last 2 experiences are sweetish:

  • the 4th experience is an interpretation of wheatfield with a reaper, and is an attempt to capture van gogh’s signature brushstrokes.
  •  painting by numbers is the last experience -which was the favourite of most of our visitors-. this was an interactive course in which the diners could meet with vincent van gogh in numbers.

and…. for the ones that really explored our space there was also a small installation ‘a sniff of vincent’ where you could meet vincent with your olfactus

in case you are in need of more vincent, check out the van gogh museum amsterdam


Thank you for visiting us!

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eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef