feb28-march 6+7, 2016: hands-on dutch landscapes workshop for home cooks

flyer high end vegan workshops dutch landscapes

many of our guests have indicated that they would like to follow a cooking workshop for home cooks with special attention to vegan dishes & the art of plating up at studio de culinaire werkplaats.

therefore we start in february 2016 with theme-based high end vegan cooking workshops for vegan, vegetarian home cooks and vegetable lovers.

as inspirational theme for the first high end vegan workshops we have selected dutch landscapes.

welcoming you with a non-alcoholic cocktail and bite. our workshops always start with an introduction of the menu. thereafter you will be preparing in groups of 2-3 persons three of the 5 dishes of the eat’inspiration dutch landscapes. the remaining 2 courses we will demonstrate.

you will learn and use both contemporary and traditional cooking techniques and preparation methods. furthermore we will pay attention to the importance of textures and flavours, and we will introduce several unusual flavour combinations.
and….. as we also eat with our eyes special attention will be paid to the plating up of the courses.

we end the afternoon or evening by dining together.

in short, during this workshop you can discover our secrets, as we will be sharing a lot of handy tips and tricks. and… you will be receiving a lot of personal attention, as we only do hands-on cooking workshops for small groups.

the practicalities.

  • what.
    • handson cooking workshop high end vegan
    • with special attention for plating up dishes
    • theme: dutch landscapes
  • level.
    • we expect you to have some basic knife and cooking skills.
  • number participants. 
    • min. 6 – max. 10 persons
  • when.
    • sunday afternoon: 3 – 6.30 p.m.
      • february 28, 2016 (fully booked)
      • march 06, 2016    (fully booked)
    • monday evening: 6.30 – 10 p.m.
      • march 07, 2016     (fully booked)
  • cost. 
    • €75,00 incl. 6% vat per person
    • incl. hands-on workshop, recipes, dinner, welcome cocktail + bite, 1 glas of wine/beer/juice during dinner, and unlimited water/coffee/tea during the workshop.
    • payment in advance.

individual registration.

  • send us a request for registration by e-mail info@deculinairewerkplaats.nl,
  • in the subjectline high end vegan cooking workshop + date and please do not forget to mention your address and your phonenumber.
  • hereafter we send you within 7 days a confirmation and a  link for payment.


  • hands-on workshops at our own venue are only available for small groups min. 6 – max. 10 persons.
  • you can book a group workshop at a date of your choice, but never on a friday or saturday evening.
  • for larger groups (min. 15 and max. 30 persons) you only can book an eat’inspiration (a theme-based journey in 5 or more courses) with a limited hands-on moments.

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