from march 2016: eating experiences in 3 different ways

rampant growth by studio de culinaire werkplaats

from march 2016 you can choose and book the following experiences at studio de culinaire werkplaats:

  • a POSH eat’inspiration (available from march 04, 2016)
    • 5 theme based courses (3x savourish, 2x sweetish)
    • with one or more interactive moments
    • preceded by a sneak peek (flat bread with a topping)
    • price tag: € 45,00 per person (incl. vat, and excl. drinks)
    • reservations only, we take reservations max. 30 days in advance
  • a UBER POSH eat’inspiration (available and bookable from june 3, 2016)
    • a theme-based welcome cocktail (alcoholic/non alcoholic)
    • a theme based sneak peek: homemade bread with a topping/dip
    • a personal tour through our food art project space including several unique eating experiences
    • 7 theme based courses – € 97,50 per person (incl. vat and excl. additional drinks)
    • reservations only, we take max. 30 days in advance reservations
    • and some other surprises.
  • THE STORAGE ROOM – project space for experiential food art 
    • this project space is located adjacent to our studio cum restaurant
    • here you can experience food like art, and with all your senses
    • exhibitions, entrance fee and other details will be published on this website.



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Unfortunately De Culinaire Werkplaats is closed permanently.

eric meursing is still available as culinary advisor/food conceptualist/plant-based chef